Paying the bill

Do you remember that children’s hospital that our county judge and others told us would not cost us any money?

The 2016 preliminary financial statements for the county hospital are out.

The auditor’s report includes this statement:

…which resulted in the $48 million owed to UMC being recorded at a fair value of approximately $16.7 million.

That means that the taxpayers are eating another $31 million in losses that our county officials told us would not happen.

The new guy is like a breath of fresh air.  Hopefully we will see a turn around in our fortunes.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Paying the bill

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all I don’t have a problem with anyone stating their opinion or point of view, I have a problem with people doing it in a rude and disrespectful manner. I also have no problem using my real name and giving my opinion and I hope I do so in a rational and professional way. Second of all, I have not spent anyone’s money! I did not have anything to do with the Hospital being built or the campaigning for the vote to get passed. I am a citizen that could see a very large Hospital going up and about 6 months before the opening of that hospital I agreed to assist in fund raising efforts in order to possibly lesson the burden of the “morons” and the tax payers of this community. I am also thankful that we have Doctors in our town that hope to be able to provide good heath care for our children. It is my sincere hopes that God forbid your children or grandchildren are in need of the hospitals care, that you are thankful and happy with the presence of experienced pediatricians. This hospital is here and I can either curse, moan and groan or I can do whatever I can to assist the efforts of the Foundation attempting to raise money. I choose to be help and be productive!


  2. Sad El Pasoan says:

    Unfortunately, our economy is forcing big companies to close their stores here El Paso. The gullible are going to learn the hard way that they have to move to another city to find a job. El Taxo has nothing to offer. New companies and individuals are constantly penalized and taxed for blinking their eyes. Some of the new ordinances are unreasonable. The writing is on the wall our incompetent CC and Queen Veronica are going to bankrupt our City.


  3. Sharon Robinet says:

    Does Mooninthemoon really think that is the proper way to express himself? El Paso idiots, the stupid and gullible, the Morons??? And blah, blah, blah. Maybe some of us who tried helping raise money for the EPCH did it because we were hoping our children and Grandchildren could get some proper care and bring in the experienced pediatricians. Maybe the parents of Las Cruces, El Paso, Ruidoso and surrounding towns actually believed we were Doing the right thing and for the right reasons. I am not a part of the County Government and fully believe that some people have been less than honest. However, I am a citizen that has only tried to raise money to help that hospital, my children, YOUR children and some of the children in this community and I don’t appreciate the criticism and the rude remarks of the efforts of some people that have put their hearts into doing what they feel is the right thing for our community.

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    • ManintheMoon says:

      Sharon Robinet
      Yep no problem with private interest doing things on their own dime but you “morons” put this white elephant ,a private business, on the back of the tax payers and you’re offended! Really! No the tax payers footing the bill are offended. If this was such a great idea than should it not be able to stand alone on it’s own, but the truth hurts we know, it can’t. As to bringing better care to children in El Paso is total bovine fecal matter. The B.S. of it’s for the children isn’t flying any longer.
      Well super genius where are all the businesses that were going to come to El Paso and support this non-sense. By the CCC own admissions,in 2016, it’s more than 20 years down the road if it ever happens. Oh and all the patronage from Mexico that would help off set the cost it never happened or will it ever happen. It’s now more than ten years after the fact of this non-sense,scam, boondoggle starting and none of this has happened or will it ever happen.
      CH is delusional thinking at it’s worst!
      So tell us ole desert sage why does the really sick children of El Paso still have to go to other places to get treatment? Answer because, the white elephant, which is CH can’t give the level of care and treatment they need. At some point truth and reality must set in. Oh wait it’s El Taxo sorry our bad we forget!


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s one thing for you to decide how to spend your own money.

      When you decide to spend other’s you are stepping over the line.

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    • Jerry K says:

      The vanity projects of city and county governments – ballpark; CH; arena – are an effect without a cause and built with borrowed money. A cause would be an educated and prosperous city generating jobs and the wealth that could make a business case for these projects, one that doesn’t exist now, so they would pay for themselves over time. It’s difficult to borrow your way to prosperity but that doesn’t deter our elected officials who follow higher guidance from a local donor elite whose investments benefit instead of the taxpayers.

      It’s the same at the national level and we are a microcosm of the larger reality.

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    • abandon hope says:


      I would not use the words Man in the Moon uses but I agree with the point. We did not need the Children’s Hospital. We had what we needed from experienced pediatricians and pediatric specialists already at Providence. Now the taxpayers are paying for it. I hope that next time you put your effort and heart into a project, you will consider the fact that El Paso is the 3rd poorest county in the nation and that we do not need to duplicate services that are already accessible. To repeat what the others have said, this is a city that wants everything that it cannot afford.


      • ManintheMOon says:

        abandon hope
        The problem is you can’t be PC with those like Sharon Robinet and those in El Paso government that pushed CH. They are blind to what they have created as a liability for the tax payers of EL Paso and EL Paso County. Then use the cover “it’s for the children”. Oh your children’s children will be paying for this crap and maybe the great grand children.
        Let be straight forward about it they do not care what it cost because they think El Paso has bottomless pockets and those in government believe your pocket book is their pocket book and how dare you believe otherwise.
        Let’s speaks some truths here the City is bankrupt and the CCC with the leadership of Vero is pushing the county to the edge. Go see where El Paso and El Paso County are ranked in taxation and then tell us you are getting exceptable outcome to the amount of tax dollars being blown!. These guys tax you like you live in a top tier county and city in America and are ranked right near the bottom as one of the poorest.
        What you have is those in your local government and those such a Sharon Robinet who believe they can tax their way to prosperity in one of the poorest communities in the nation. Sorry it’s has gone beyond being just ignorant to no other word but stupid or maybe even better just down right lunatic fringe thinking.
        With CH they sold you a Porsche and you guys got a used Yugo out of the deal and some think you should be thankful. What a joke but the joke on the tax payers of El Paso and El Paso County. So how many of you are laughing at your tax bill and this non-sense now?


  4. MoonintheMoon says:

    Who in their right mind or with common sense believe Vero and the CCC on this to start with much less the county hospital? Only the stupid and the gullible of El Paso, the county. They said the same thing the first time around and they lied to the people of El Paso and they lied out their asses this last time and many in El Paso ate the same crap up once again.
    Two private sector hospitals in El Paso could not make a go of a children’s wing but the idiots in El Paso government thought they could do the impossible that their own paid for studies told them was a boondoggle.From the start this private company had to have the tax payers on the hook to survive and as long as the CH is open the tax payers will be on the hook for the loses of this private company which is the Children’s Hospital.
    Several of us tried to tell the people of El Paso what was going to happen, that El Paso was being played and scammed on the CH and we were made out to be the bad guys. Nope El Paso gets what they deserved for being gullible and stupid and believing the idiots and the morons at the county and the county hospital. Just maybe if these bumbles at the county and the CH make you in El Paso pocket books bleed enough at some point you will wake up. No the better question is when does the stupid Progressive in El Paso stop screwing or are forced to stop screwing the El Paso tax payers! Never?

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