Trying to hide?

One of our city representatives complied with the open records request requiring that he turn over text messages relating to the serial quorum that he seems to have been involved in.


Actually he failed to turn over a key one that proves that he and others intended to violate the law by manipulating the number of members of council in a secret meeting.

What does that tell us?

We deserve better


2 Responses to Trying to hide?

  1. abandon hope says:

    Why doesn’t anyone mention his name? In case anyone didn’t know, the council rep in question in Jim Tolbert, the poster child for what is wrong with El Paso. District 2 pay attention.


  2. Disgusted says:

    It tells you the same thing that the one council woman’s response told you. That city council is comprised of some arrogant, dishonest people who think they can get away with this stuff. When he was interviewed by one of the TV stations shortly after questions about this meeting arose, he had a smug smirk on his face.

    This is especially disgusting when you consider that this guy presented himself as a virtuous person while attacking his predecessor. He’s no better and electing him was just more of the same. It’s sad that the majority of El Pasoans seem content and accepting of the lies and corruption and insider dealing. That’s one reason why El Paso is what it is and will never be what it could be.


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