Council–members at play

Of the four city representatives being looked into by the Texas Rangers and our local district attorney for potential violations of the Texas Open Meetings act, two of them will have to face the voters in May.

Representatives Limon and Tolbert will need to be reelected in order to stay on council.

Representatives Niland and Svarzbein each have two more years before their terms expire.

Recall elections

Our city charter does not allow a recall election for a city representative that has less than one year remaining in their term.  Representatives Limon and Tolbert fall into this category.  If one or  both of them resign the state constitution requires that an election to fill the vacancy occur within 120 days.

If  either Niland or Svarzbein resign at this point the constitutional [correction, city charter] provision will require an election within 120 days.  If a recall effort gets certified and one or both of them [correction, then] resign, our city charter states that “no recall election shall be held”.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Council–members at play

  1. Disgusted says:

    Send a message by recalling both Niland and Svarzbein.


  2. mamboman3 says:

    I’m confused. If Niland and/or Svarzbein have two years left on their term then they could resign and we’d still have time for a replacement election during the first of those two years; or they also could face a recall election during the first of those two years because it would not be “less than one year remaining” on their term. It appears possible for anything to happen in the first year of those remaining two year terms.


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