Rising construction costs

Most people involved in the construction industry will tell you that construction costs in El Paso are going to increase because of the significant projects being planned by the feds, state, city, and school districts.

In fact the new management team at the city is pointing that out to city council:


The city’s quality of life projects were budgeted before this presentation.

We have to wonder if the school districts have planned for the cost increases.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Rising construction costs

  1. Disgusted says:

    The Times reported that the EPISD board has passed a new resolution saying the district is “welcoming and protective of all students and families to the fullest extent of the law.” It also forbids schools asking about immigration status of students. The Times included a link to the resolution on the EPISD website, but the resolution has been removed.

    In addition to the undocumented residents who we’re paying to educate, this is is an open invitation for more people in Juarez to use fake El Paso addresses and enroll their kids in EPISD schools.

    It’s only a matter of time before the state and federal governments refuse to subsidize students who are not legal residents. Guess who will be stuck with the bill for educating undocumented students.

    But the EPISD also wants you to believe that while they are making schools sanctuaries, this in no way makes El Paso a sanctuary city.


    • Dan Wever says:

      US students are being subsidised in the EPISD anyway. Their open enrollment policy either costs the taxpayers big bucks or education money is diverted away from EPISD students.


  2. Rooked in El Paso says:

    Another hire for Gallinar ISD! Joaquin Rodriguez from City of El Paso Planning is now the Project Manager for the EPISD Urban Planning & Real Estate Development working for…wait for it… Carlos Gallinar and Arrieta-Candelaria. The corruption never stops! Please take a look at the EPISD Public Facility Corporation. THE NEW CENTRAL OFFICE IS BEING FUNDED BY A $29 MILLION BOND THAT IS SEPARATE FROM THE $665 MILLION BOND THAT VOTERS FOOLISHLY GOT HOODWINKED INTO APPROVING. THE NEW BOND DOES NOT HAVE TO GO TO THE VOTERS AND THE BOARD CAN INCREASE PROPERTY TAXES TO PAY FOR IT. ALL THANKS TO DEE MARGO AND…YOU GUESSED IT…CARMEN ARRIETA-CANDELARIA FROM BACK WHEN SHE WAS A BOARD OF MANAGERS MEMBER!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, certainly the school districts have planned ahead! It is call
    “bond Issues”! Remember ‘BOHICA’ (Bend over, here it comes again)


  4. Reality Checker says:

    Of course they haven’t. It’s not their money, so they don’t really give a %@$#! The city also didn’t factor more than five years of inflationary increases into their cost estimates for quality of live projects either.

    Taxpayers are screwed. We’re going to be overcharged and even more underserved. Local government will look for even more ways to increase taxes and create more taxes disguised as service fees.


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