Times fails us again

Does it bother anyone else that the Times published their article about the city ethics complaints being dismissed on their Borderland page on the same day that half of the front page was dedicated to the funeral of a local dentist?

Wouldn’t we expect that the positions would be reversed?

The Times appears to be dying.  Could they help their situation by representing the citizens of the community instead of local politicians?

We deserve better


2 Responses to Times fails us again

  1. Beto Moore says:

    They never fail to disappoint.


  2. Benevelous says:

    Like so many newspapers in the world here in the 21st century, the El Paso Times IS dying.

    It is dying a slow agonizing painful (even to watch) death as it slides further and further into self imposed irrelevance. This paper has been a poor publication for the entirety of my 35+ years in El Paso. In fact, even when newspapers were still a thing, This particular rag has never been worth more than a lining for bird cages.

    I dare say that it is not even up to THAT standard any longer. El Diario, El Paso, Inc. and the local apartment finders are more than adequate to catch falling bird poo for this girl’s precious pets…

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