EPISD–transcript credits still a problem

The recently published “Transfer Credits Follow-Up Audit” of EPISD’s process points out that the district still is not awarding and denying credit to students that transfer into the district according to the district’s own rules as well as the Texas Education Agency rules.

People in our community have gone to jail for violating those rules.

Others are accused of similar violations today and face trial and possible imprisonment.

Yet our new management team and board of trustees have not fixed the situation.

We have not even heard them make statements about how they intend to address the problems.

We deserve better


3 Responses to EPISD–transcript credits still a problem

  1. Help is not on the way says:

    Here’s the problem. I was in Austin last week for a rally. I talked to one of my legislators last week because it really looks like the opportunistic money grubbing bottom feeder of a super hasn’t really fixed anything that was actually broken in EPISD including the credit stuff and throwing students to the curb and this is the attitude that the bigwigs at the state have right now. He said that he has major problems with what Cabrera and company are doing, especially with the gigantic self-serving raise. BUT…. oh my goodness… (insert sarcasm)…. too much controversy is not good for El Paso and keeps businesses away so don’t expect anyone…ANYONE… to address this garbage because he said they are trying to distance themselves from the corruption in the past. So it looks like the are TURNING A BLIND EYE to the corruption in the present. So, as a recently successful yet unlikely presidential candidate once said, Cabrera and co. could actually literally rob a bank in broad daylight without a mask and leave business cards in the process and the PTB would ignore it. So it will get worse and worse as absolute power corrupts him absolutely and he does his corruption moves unveiled until the inevitable happens…and he literally does something so illegal or immoral that the state and local authorities can’t turn a blind eye and the gravy train ends for the new pay for play high society overlords at the chamber and the construction and big business owners..and then they throw him out like yesterday’s dirty diapers and get another schlep to do their bidding. So the way to succeed in El Paso is to line people’s pockets by being the savior after a big crisis and giving people a sense of nationalism promising to make EPISD great again…oh…hold on…that was a little European country after WW I ended…or was it?


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Cut Cabrera some slack. He has “one of the hardest jobs in America.”

    (I think what he meant to say was that it’s hard for him to spend all the money he’s making. It apparently wasn’t hard for him to come up with a list of 10 different contract sweeteners.)


  3. Perhaps they were a little too busy providing the Superintendant with a ‘much deserved’ bonus for selling voters on the merits of the recent bond proposal.

    After all, it was for the kids!



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