EPISD–alternative reality

We are now learning that EPISD plans to move their curriculum and instruction department to the old Houston school when they are forced to vacate their central offices at the airport.

Houston currently houses an alternative school that works with students up to 26 years old and with some of the pregnant students.

From what we can glean, the district plans to place the department in two of the three floors of the school leaving the alternative school with one floor.

Word on the street is that neither the school’s principal nor the area school superintendent knew about the move before the news was published in the Times.

It is no wonder that morale among the rank and file at the district is at an all time low.

We deserve better


2 Responses to EPISD–alternative reality

  1. Y Que! says:

    Beating a dead horse. You can B**** and moan all you want but nothing will change.


  2. Truthly Speaking says:

    Look, the fact is all sorts of things are happening in the district and the last ones to know are the principals and teachers! There is so much wheeling and dealing by central folks. I feel bad for those individuals on the campuses. They are just puppets in the grande masters self promoting scheme. Do NOT beleive the rhetoric that is being put out there by the media, the media that is closely related to The Grandmaster! It’s really a joke! Case in point, the All Girl School was being advertised as going to Armendariz. The Principal heard about it “in the news”. Transparency? Who is going to hold these individuals accountable? Who is going to help the students, the teachers the custodians, maintenance workers, cafeteria workers; the people that are sweating and doing the work so the those few privileged individuals up at the castle on Being can gain their high salaries? Who? We deserve better!


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