A very “HOT” teacher! says:

This came in via the “Your comments” button:

Answers please…..how can our students in EPISD be expected to do good on the STAAR test when it is above 90° in the classrooms. Can we please take out a loan from Cabrerras generous raise to pay for someone to turn on the air conditioners at our schools for our students?
It would be interesting to see which schools already have air conditioning turned on. Could it be Cabrerra”s childrens schools or our board members favorites?? Wake up people….the preferential treatment is worse now than its ever been.
EPISD students deserve BETTER!

9 Responses to A very “HOT” teacher! says:

  1. In Fairness says:

    It’s disappointing to see some of the comments to this post. If we can pay a superintendent the amount that Cabrera makes and if the admin staff has air conditioned offices, it’s reasonable to expect that the classrooms have AC that works.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is missing the point here. The District is full of folks (administrators, educators, and students) who see LOTS of money going to Central Office incompetence, and not to where it is needed…teachers and providing an environment for real learning.


    • Anonymous says:

      It might not be what it seems. Many campuses still utilize swamp coolers. I have a swamp cooler on my home and although there were some days last week when I wish it were on already I usually don’t turn it on until the end of April. Although unlikely this year, there have been years when a late freeze visits us in El Paso. I even recall a few Easters with snow. Frozen swamp cooler lines that could flood a school once thawed are not something the district needs to deal with. The coolers will be on in due time.


      • Garcia says:

        Your house is entirely different from a school. You can open windows and doors. The A/C has been on in my office building for 3 weeks.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I went to schools with NO air conditioners and outside outhouses and walked both ways, taking my lunch from home. We are raising snowflakes with a sense of entitlement, but no ambition or sense of accomplishment.


  4. Haiduc says:

    Lacking AC is an excuse…If you study you do fine on exam Hot or Cold.


  5. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Same here. I went to school in Miami where humidity exacerbated the heat issue. No AC. They just opened the windows. Don’t remember having fans. Even in college in the 70s in Gainesville there wasn’t AC in the older buildings. We had fans and open windows. When you spend appropriate amounts of time outdoors, heat isn’t an issue. However, if you spend the bulk of your free time indoors with the AC on high, heat gets unbearable quickly.


  6. Anon says:

    When I attended El Paso schools in the late 1960’s, none of the schools had air conditioning. Each room had a big fan sitting on the floor that circulated the air. I seem to remember that I did just fine on tests.


    • Dan Wever says:

      I remember Anon, when asked how he/she did on a test, he/she answered: “No Sweat” (I always wondered where this saying started) 🙂


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