City salaries

The city wants to send more of our money out of town.  Item 16.2 on the Tuesday, April 4, 2017 seeks authorization to spend $260,550.00 to figure out how much to pay our city employees.

From the agenda:

Award of Solicitation No. 2017-392R City Wide Compensation Analysis to Management Advisory Group International for an initial six (6) month term estimated award of $260,550.00.
It has been 17 years since the City has conducted a comprehensive citywide position and salary analysis. The last RFP was awarded and completed in 2000. Over time, market competiveness has created salary compression in the City’s compensation structure. This study is necessary to recalibrate and establish a competitive salary structure, and update the methodology for uniform compensation application.

Pay raises

Maybe the city really needs some outsiders to tell them how much to pay our employees.  Most business people can figure this out by themselves, but maybe having experts from out of town tell us that the salaries need to be raised is what the city employees really want.

Big city salaries

The backup documentation shows that a firm out of Arizona was willing to do the work for $75,000 less.  The city gave the vendor bid a rating of 86.33.

The more expensive vendor’s bid was rated at 86.42.  They are based in Virginia.

From the backup information:

Giving the business to the more expensive vendor tells us a lot.

We deserve better


5 Responses to City salaries

  1. Very tired taxpayer says:

    Of course we already know that the study will say city employees are underpaid. The fact is with their health insurance, their pension and their 4 day work week, local businesses cannot compete for those same employees. To add insult to injury, many of those overpaid, under worked jerks are insolent. …. Time to move way out in the country where there is no city government to raise my blood pressure.


  2. JerryK says:

    Business would have a hard time competing with government generosity here. What business today has a retirement plan that isn’t legacy?

    If they really want to be competitive, the city should abolish its retirement plan, transfer the vested part it into an annuity for each employee, and start a 401-K like approach. Then they would look like a business.


  3. Amused says:

    Why move your business to El Paso (or stay in El Paso) and put your money into the community when you can locate elsewhere, receive more respect, and still take El Paso’s money?


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      I believe their agenda is to receive bribes from their business connections away from El Paso. That is the reason why their decisions don’t make sense at all.


  4. This sorry idea of always looking outside the local community for these ridiculous studies seems to be so fixed in the minds of local politicos that we can never shake ourselves free of it. Why in the world would anyone every think that this is always such a good thing? This is not really “attracting” new business, you know.


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