H1B abuse

The other day our president announced changes to the H1B visa program.

H1B visas are used to allow foreign nationals to come to the United States and work.  They are to be used when companies cannot fill jobs with American citizens.

Some say that some companies game the system and use H1B’s to hire less expensive workers.

According to news reports,  the new rules will require that competitive/market wages be paid to the foreign worker.

It seems that this might in some cases open up jobs to our citizens and as such sounds like a good thing.

We deserve better


9 Responses to H1B abuse

  1. ManintheMoon says:

    If You Say So says:
    I agree 100% with you neither party has ever wanted to fix the immigration issue and each more than had their chance. We will make a bold prediction, we will be talking about this same issue in the next election cycle in about three and half years. Because power resides in Congress not the Presidency and if Congress does not legislate to fix the issue nothing of real substance will be done.


  2. The Oracle says:

    What and Which company does not want to hire cheaper labor ?
    If they are In Business, they want to lower expenses whenever then can and boost profits whenever they can.

    Which company WANTS to pay MORE for labor ?
    ( none )

    So, that’s the way it is.
    If cheaper labor is available, Companies will find it.

    It’s already happening . . . but many foreign workers will work remotely, from their homes in China or Bangkok.
    Even controlling robots in the US to do sorting, and manufacture skills, remotely, thru cameras.

    Not just technical skills, but actual hands on Labor.
    Computer Monitor at McDonalds ” Welcome, May I take your order please ?” (in a Bangkok accent). . . replaces the person at the counter.
    A machine Like at Walmart Self-Checkout will take your cash or Card. The machine will spit out the change, and you can even get Cash Back without any mistakes from a McDonald’s employee.
    The register will not come up short.

    Doctors in a foreign country will perform surgery on you
    using a robot at half the price.

    It’s coming. I don’t know what to do about it, but, it’s coming.

    Wheeled/ machine/ Robots CAN pick vegetables if someone is watching remotely, and doing the picking remotely . . . thru . . the robot that moves right down the row, looking for the ripe products to pick and placing the product in a container that rides along.

    Drones are now common in war.

    Space travel will also be done with drones/ robots that can look and see and be helped with humans at the controls.

    Human controlled robots. I don’t see how this can be stopped or changed. Cheaper, faster, not-as-dangerous, does not breathe oxygen or have to take breaks or use a rest room.

    It’s coming to a planet near you.
    My cell phone TELLS ME when its needs more electricity.

    Each Turn-of-the-Century brings BIG surprises.

    I used to talk to my dad, which saw the beginning of the 1900’s.
    He said everything changed. I believe him.


  3. Anon says:

    We are supposed to be afraid of Mexican rapists, young black men with hoodies, middle eastern refugee terrorists, and now Indian Engineers. Anyone see a pattern developing?


  4. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    I’ve worked at a company in Silicon Valley that used H1B visas. They had an immigration attorney that helped them game the system for engineers. Employment ads were run in 6 pt type in a newspaper that was out of a convenient commute zone and when no qualified applicants applied four engineers were hired from Hong Kong. They were given two apartments (two to each apartment) and all shared one car. Salaries were less than half of a local engineer. Net-net the company saved money. And yes, they were gaming the system biggly.


  5. I flat do not believe that employers are “gaming” the system by using this as an excuse to pay lower wages. The point of the H1B is supposed to be that an employer cannot find anyone – at any wage level – who is a citizen to fill a vacancy. Therefore, let’s not forget that oftentimes these individuals are able to get their travel costs paid by the employer, and assistance to find a place to live, and there are undoubtedly other expenses paid by the employer to entice these people to accept employment. The bottom line here is that this is just another example of 45 “gaming” the system by trying to create an issue where none previously existed, to build on the fear of the idiots who voted for him.


    • If You Say So says:

      Sure thing. Let’s not be silly. Big companies are our friends. They never violate laws or game the system. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask the members of congress who they’ve bought. On second thought, you might also want to talk to some of the people who have lost their jobs to H1B holders and were told to train the H1B holders how to do the job. H1B abuse existed long before the current administration and will continue until people realize that big companies are made up of individuals and not all individuals follow the rules, especially when money is involved.


    • MoonintheMoon says:

      John G Dungan Sr
      Unless you have been living under a rock or in a alternate Universe there is more than enough supporting evidence of abuse of H1B to under cut wages and to the paying of lower wages to foreign workers. It’s not all ways the American employers can’t find the workers they do not want to pay a fair wage to the America skilled worker and the foreign workers are not having to pay a mountain of College loans since many of these workers countries cover in part or all of the cost of their degrees so they can afford to work at a lower wage.
      It does not matter what Trump does the Tit tard/Skip Tard left will whine, wring their hands and complain. Yep John us idiots and morons were smart enough to understand how the president is elected. Hey John you super geniuses had every thing going for your side ,more money, the media and pollsters in bed with Hillary and the DNC having a incestual relationship. Oh and all the proven cheating going on by the DNC but us morons and idiots still beat the Tit Tard/Skiptard left in the last election cycle. Speaks volumes.


      • If You Say So says:

        Both parties are to blame for employment and hiring abuses and depressed wages. Both parties cater to corporate America, which loves cheap labor. The GOP never addressed illegal immigration in the past, even when it had the opportunity. These are not new problems. They just got worse starting in the 80’s and 90’s and kept getting worse.


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