EPISD–out of state tuition

If for some reason you need to send your child to an EPISD school and must pay out of state tuition, the bill looks like it will be $933 per month.

Can someone give us an example of where this would apply?

We deserve better.



13 Responses to EPISD–out of state tuition

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    In theory, the family of every kid from Juarez attending school at EPSID that doesn’t have a house or apartment in the district should be writing that check. Instead they use the address of a friend or relative and once again El Paso taxpayers get screwed.


    • Benevelous says:

      I once personally saw 75 student records all with the exact same address…

      A director of Pupil Services was forced to retire because she mentioned that fact in a meeting.


  2. Anon says:

    Someone living in Sunland Park sending their kids to Coronado or Franklin


  3. Curious George says:

    How many people actually pay tuition? Is there a way to see that data? I’ve always wondered that.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Curious George,
      You would probably have to use an open record request to see the people paying tuition if any. Here is a link to amounts and a peek at something I am sure the EPISD did not mean to put into print.


      Notice the “ADMINISTRATIVE RECOMMENDATION/MOTION: It is recommended that the board approve the tuition rates for the 2016-2017 school year as presented.

      Then they need to know its “IMPACT ON OTHER FUNCTIONS/OPERATIONS: The enrollment of out-of-district students impacts funding for student expenditures incurred by the District. There would be fewer resources for providing instructional services with the 2017-2018 budget.”

      In the above admission, the EPISD is telling us that since the students being enrolled from other districts under the EPISD OPEN ENROLLMENT POLICY do not receive their local districts tax money, they would also cause,’ “fewer resources for providing instructional services’ to EPISD students.
      I am sure that most people would realise that this “fewer resources” has to be made up somewhere and in my opinion, it is not made up in the West side of town at Franklin and Coronado and their feeder schools but rather in South El Paso’s barrio schools. Of course, people should realize that the OPEN ENROLLMENT POLICY was only put into place to help sell homes on the West side of town that were in Canutillo’s district and the people buying these homes did not want the Canutillo school district for their children so they pulled strings.


      • Curious George says:

        If I read right, looks like only 3 people pay tuition. One in New Mexico and two in Old Mexico. I’m sure nobody is sending their kids without paying taxes or tuition.


        • Dan Wever says:

          Curious George, with the EPISD open enrollment policy, students can enrol in the EPISD and their local property taxes do not follow them but still go to the district they live in. The EPISD will get the state money but they will lose about a third of total taxes with this setup. So EPISD taxpayers are subsidising the schooling for other districts. But we have plenty of money so it is good to help other districts. 🙂


          • Anon says:

            it is not a zero sum game. Students that are going to YISD from EPISD or SISD give their districts the same problem.


        • follow the money says:

          Remember this was a Margo deal about open enrollment. It was all about real estate and all the real estate north of 1-10 and towards Trans Mountain road. Now guess who owns most of that and guess who is getting the Bond work. Who says Republicans aren’t progressives ?


          • Dan Wever says:

            You are of course 100% correct and of course Republicans are progressive especially if they can get taxpayers to fund their open market concept. 🙂


          • follow the money says:

            Dan, Republicans are only progressives when it benefits their Republican donors. Big donor Dem’s would never give to a Republican, but Dem candidates have no shame and love to spend other peoples money no matter who it benefits as long as they donated to their coffer. Charles Manson could give money to a Dem and they would take it.


  4. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Benvelous, the superintendent of that district should have been fired. Every time a kid who lives in Juarez or Sunland Park rather than resides in the school district (or has gone through the program for open district enrollment) they are stealing from the taxpayers. And if you rent you still are paying taxes since owners normally build that into the rent amount. We talk about smaller class sizesand how much that costs. 75 students with same home address? That is almost four classrooms of students. It is a bigger problem than anyone admits and I’d have a lot more faith in EPSID if I saw a serious effort to end it.


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