Vote please

Our local debt situation makes it even more critical for people to explain to the candidates what we want.

We should also do what we can to help educate our friends and get them to vote.

You can vote early today (Monday, May 1) and tomorrow (Tuesday, May 2).

For those of you on the west side, the Polly Harris facility is not open.

The west side YWCA (on Bartlett) or the Doris Van Doren library (on Redd) are probably your best choices.

We deserve better


One Response to Vote please

  1. Sad But True says:

    The El Paso Times failed to show a backbone in this election when they waited until election day, long after early votes had been cast, and only now refused to endorse a mayoral candidate, while using a lousy excuse for not doing so. They made endorsements for other races days or weeks earlier. The non-endorsement, which they blamed on the field of candidates, was a sign of weakness and might just be one of the worst moves ever by the Times. It was a political, self-serving move that gives the appearance of maintaining neutrality to protect their own interests.

    They praised the work done by Dee Margo when he ran the EPISD board and now they say that “none of the candidates has yet shown the willingness and ability to be the leading voice for our community.” The Times needs to look in the mirror and do some soul searching. Failing to take a stand at this critical juncture in the city’s history is not being a leading voice for our community.


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