A good way to divide the city

More quality of life shenanigans are being considered.

It seems that there is not enough money to finish the Eastside Sports Complex.

City council has this item on their Tuesday, May 2, 2017 agenda:

The City of El Paso, Texas is considering implementing a tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) and public improvement district (PID) to fund a portion of the construction costs and maintenance costs associated with the Eastside Sports Complex as well as other public spaces and infrastructure. In 2012, partial funding for the Eastside Sports Complex was approved by City of El Paso voters as part of the quality of life bonds; together funds generated from the proposed TIRZ and PID would fund Phase II of the park’s construction costs.

Stealing our taxes

What the item would do is allow the future increase in property tax revenues from a certain part of the city to be spent solely on the Eastside Sports Complex and not contributed to the general fund.

If this kind of thing gets started we will see other cases where a neighborhood wants a facility and finds a way to direct their tax money to their benefit thus shorting the rest of the city.

We deserve better



12 Responses to A good way to divide the city

  1. But don’t we already have a precedent for this with the downtown tax increment district?


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The DIT was pre-bond. What frustrates me is the fact that we keep being told all these projects must be done because the voters voted for them. The voters voted for specific amount of money that was promised not to cost them anything. I voted no knowing that was a total lie. I think the idea that all projects must be built regardless of cost overruns is wrong. The voters didn’t vote for that. When all these projects are operational we still have to cover operating costs (that was never budgeted) plus debt service. We need a re-vote not alternative public funding options.


  3. Haiduc says:

    Tax and spend…Fix our roads NOT !


  4. Enough Already says:

    This kind of scheme is just one more move that will help to bankrupt the city. El Paso is headed down the tubes. People just don’t see it because they are blinded by construction and a little bling. Many of the people who are taking us down this path will not be around when the $#%! hits the fan. They will have moved on to other cities. Two of the queen bees will be long gone.


  5. The conduct of these weasels never changes. We need a FULL-TIME team of Texas Rangers, F.B.I. Agents in El Taxo to investigate the Public Corruption of these politicians and OTHER Public Officials. The City Council hired their own “INTEGRITY Investigator”. Really, why even bother or maybe it was just some “Friend, family” THEY wanted to pay. The Feds, the Rangers are the ONLY people WE can trust.


  6. Lily Limon says:

    Sorry to say I was the only one on council that voted against this.


    • Ms Limon, maybe you should have run for Mayor? None of those other people on Council ever try to do anything for us “Stupid, ignorant peons”. All WE get is FABRICATED, INFLATED property “evaluations”, always followed by more tax INCREASES. THEY put everything that THEY want on the backs of homeowners. Because that is the only tax “base” this city has. THEY give exemptions to BILLIONAIRES, MILLIONAIRES and big business. THEY do NOTHING for the PEOPLE of El Paso.


  7. Anon says:

    Want to divide a city? Write a blog that, when it comes to complaining about specific location problems, mainly focuses on the west side of town.


  8. Beto Moore says:

    Man in the moon is right. We’ve been shot. We just haven’t fallen down yet.


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