City council doesn’t want to hear from us

Our city government evidently thinks that it might not have the authority to build an arena instead of a “multi-purpose performing arts and entertainment facility”.

The language on the ballot sought authorization to build a multi-purpose facility.  It turns out that they really wanted to build an arena.  Maybe they thought we would not vote for one.

Now in an effort to get authority to pull the bait and switch they have gone to court in Austin.  State law would have allowed the city to do the same thing in El Paso.

Taking the issue to Austin makes it impractical for most El Pasoans to have their thoughts heard.

City council should be ashamed.

We deserve better


10 Responses to City council doesn’t want to hear from us

  1. Meanwhile, our streets continue to deteriorate. Fix the damn streets, please!


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Yes and fix our streets, means repave, not spend a fortune on median bling that either blocks traffic hazard visibility or starts deteriorating the day after installation. And one other thing, if we as taxpayers are asked to bear the expense of protected bike paths, it would be nice if cyclists could use them instead of the streets next to them. If the revised design still doesn’t work for them, we ought to figure that out that before we build more (especially since the bike lane concept we spent money on a few years ago is considered unsafe and unacceptable).


  3. Sleepless in El Paso says:

    By now you should know that city council and city management have no shame. That’s the reason they continue to pull these manipulative stunts and do the wrong things. You’ll never be able to shame them into doing the right thing because they aren’t there to serve you or the taxpayers. They are there to serve a few select people and protect their own interests.

    But what do you expect? There’s no major, widespread outrage. No major, in-their-faces protests in front of city hall or their personal businesses. No serious challenge to their actions. So they know they can get away with this crap. And the fact is that most people don’t care as long as they get a new place to drink beer and be entertained.

    Just waiting for the next election to vote a couple of them out will change nothing, especially when all the candidates are clueless wannabes and intellectual lightweights. If several thousand people were to show up inside and outside the next council meeting and they might think twice about their next move.


  4. Beto Moore says:

    I think we need more roundabouts.


    • Sleepless in El Paso says:

      How about we put city council and management in one roundabout and keep them stuck going in circles. That’s more or less what they do to us.


  5. Baseball Fields, Arenas, little trolley cars, “Facilities”. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. The Society of Corruption in El Taxo. If the City Council, Commissioners, Public Officials, School Officials, are even “interested” in OUR opinions, THEY will come out of some SECRET meeting and TELL US what OUR opinion is. THEY don’t care what US “Stupid ,Ignorant peons” have to say. Just shut up and VOTE for THEM.


    • Anon says:

      Results from Saturday’s Election:

      Registered Voters: 418,665
      Ballots Cast: 34,887
      Voter Turnout: 8.33%

      Statistically, out of every 100 people that visit this blog, if they are registered voters in El Paso, less than 9 of them voted on Saturday.

      You want your opinion heard? Vote. Get others to vote.

      “Us Stupid ,Ignorant peons” don’t vote. The powerful know that.

      That makes us indeed, stupid ignorant peons. We get what we deserve.


      • The ONLY “Choice” in El Paso is to vote for the Democrat of YOUR “Choice”. “What is the point to voting, THE Democrat, ONE of THEM is going to be elected? How do “you” get people to vote? FREE beer, FREE ice cream, hot dogs, burritos?? Even the Democratic voters grow tired of how thing work in El Paso. ALL the politicians are just rotating chairs. They go from Council to Commissioner or School Board or Mayor. From Commissioner to Mayor, Judge, Council, School Board. MOST of the politicians, Public Officials in El Paso have NEVER had a REAL JOB. They are CAREER politicians, that’s just what they do. Feed off the taxpayers. So people don’t vote. “I don’t like either one of the 2,3 or 5, so I’m not voting or they simply vote for the person they dislike the least. The lesser of the evils. Maybe that’s why the SAME people, Democrats run El Paso? People don’t know, don’t care enough to hold them accountable. “Well I’m voting for him, her, they got a pot hole filled on my street”. The city is BILLIONS$$$ in debt and it just gets worse with each election. All these career, PROFESSIONAL politicians know is, tax, waste, spend, tax some more.


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