Everything personal

We find it remarkable that while the media is criticizing our current president for his lack of accomplishments–after all he has been in office 100 days, there are protesters outside the white house complaining about the president’s climate policies.

Is the criticism about actions and plans or is it about the individual?

We deserve better


10 Responses to Everything personal

  1. JerryK says:

    Up here on Vancouver Island the elections are over, except for some counts in remote areas. The local Green candidate won as MP, one of only three Greens nationally. So, with the near deadlock between the Liberals and Nationals, the Greens are the balance of power now which gives them a lot of power in Parliament.

    Other than that, my civil and polite Canada friends (this is British Columbia, not French Columbia) don’t argue much about politics. It’s not the blood sport here that it is in the states. That position is held by hockey and tonight is game #7 🙂


  2. Çasual Observer says:

    The level of ongoing divisiveness and vitriol is exhausting and a total waste of time and energy. The media on both the left and right fan the flames 24/7, which simply makes me people on both sides increasingly angry. Social media now adds a whole new level of noise, which politicians and the media gladly use to attack and stir the pot. Individuals also use social media to attack one another as a blood sport. There’s no shortage of stuff to keep people wound up, especially people who just want to be pissed off. I, for one, am tired of being pissed off and seeing the media on both the left and right capitalizing from simply sowing the seeds of discontent. People on both sides are being played and used and they don’t see it or just don’t care. Too many of us seem to enjoy being angry and unhappy. Increasingly, we define truth as what we want it to be because we can easily find someone willing to serve up alternative facts that support our opinions. Whoever said “no news is good news” might have been right.

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  3. Anon says:

    Here is what they are protesting:
    Trump’s Climate Change Policies Keep Getting Worse


  4. As for current protests, isn’t it obvious that they are indeed against both the man and his actions and/or plans?


  5. Anon says:

    Of course Brutus no doubt, also supported Obama during his first 100 days which were marked by multiple Tea Party protests and a major news channel running anti-Obama ads and encouraging its viewership to protest.

    You remember that Brutus? Fair and Balanced.



    • abandon hope says:

      Bingo. Only one news source attacked Obama. Compare that to today when practically all sources, including NPR, play the daily stack-the-president game. But Brutus makes a good point. The media say nothing has been accomplished in the first 100 days, yet protestors cry that they don’t like what has been done. Make up your mind.


      • Cranky says:

        I listen to NPR everyday, both going to and coming home from work. I have never heard them “stack the president” (Which I guess means attack the president). I hear balanced, thought out reporting that dives more deeply than most any other news outlet. Can you give specific examples of when they do this? For the life of me, I cannot think of an example. Reporting on the silliness that is this administration is not attacking anyone. It is reporting. Just because you don’t agree with it does not make it wrong or biased.

        Fox News actually ran ads attacking Obama. They encouraged civil disobedience towards him. Can you please show which current legitimate news source is running ads attacking the current administration?

        Me thinks you have been reading too much Breitbart.


        • abandon hope says:

          Of course NPR won’t attack the president. That’s too obvious. Their bias is much more subtle. Like saying they have comment from people on both sides when the comments are more right in the middle. PBS News Hour does this too. But this really wasn’t the point of Brutus’ post. I think he’s asking how the media can complain that Trump hasn’t done anything in the first 100 days, then cover demonstrations by people who don’t like what he has done.


          • Anonymous says:

            Typical liberal response “you need to do that” then when it is done, “Why did you do that?”. The sky is clearly blue but if the alt left needs it be green then it is green. nothing but liberal bullying


        • Fed Up with One Sided View Points says:

          Some group paid for ads on Fox and Fox took their money. The other stations wouldn’t run them because they were all in Obama’s pocket. I see ads blasting Trump everyday on NBC, CNN, CBS, you name it.


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