What value does our local newspaper bring?

The Times is not doing well.

We heard the other day that on some days less than 9,000 newspapers are bought.

They have been promoting their on-line version.

Yet it seems that even there we have more immediate sources of news available to us.

Take a look at this graphic.

Two local TV stations delivered the horrible news to us faster than the Times.

Is there any hope for the Times?

We deserve better



13 Responses to What value does our local newspaper bring?

  1. The Oracle says:

    The Times REALLY hit a snag when they did away with the TV Times/ TV guide was a weekly TV guide. They SOLD that opportunity to a company to SELL a separate TV Guide and no one subscribed to that separately.
    And with THAT DEAL, that offered NO TV listings at all in the paper.
    (Now THAT contract is over and they are listing daily TV schedules.)
    Myself included, I ONLY subscribed to the Times . . FOR . . the TV guide and to read the comics and “Borderland Calendar” of events.
    Since the TV Guide fiasco, (which I personally sent an email to the Times editor and CEO about and TOLD them how it WOULD NOT WORK.)

    Right after they got into this stupid contact with a SEPARATE TV guide contract, they cut the Calendar of events down to JUST Non-Profit events (VFW birthday parties, church picnics (which churches ALREADY have their own page !) , and things going on at the Library. NO gun shows, NO Monster Trucks at UTEP, NO home shows, NO Sci-Fi Con’s, NO big boxing at UTEP, NOTHING but non-profit, Little-bitty things.

    So, the Borderland Calendar was COMPLETELY Incomplete !
    And not a Calendar of Events at all.

    When they did that at the Borderland Calendar, I’ve sent several emails to the Editor about how and WHY one of the MAIN reasons people BUY the paper (that’s income and money I explained) was to check the Calendar of Events . . BEFORE heading out the door. . . to check and SEE if it was the correct day for the event.
    Since then, the “Calendar” has gotten smaller and smaller and . . well, forget it.

    Then they cut the Comics down to . . . almost nothing. Soooo, NO reason to buy the Sunday paper at this point.

    All of their Selling Points was GONE.

    In each case, I identified the problem, and offered solutions.

    Each change for the worse, was identified and they were notified.
    I explain things VERY clearly, you see.

    I’m SCREAMING: . . . “Watch out for the TRAIN ! ! !”
    and all they are thinking about is: “Don’t YOU scream at me !”


  2. Tired of the compaining about the Times says:

    Everyone who reads news on a computer is at fault for the Times decline. They do not sell enough papers to warrant advertisers spending money on newspaper advertising. The Times is just one of many papers to fall to the wayside. Yet you all keep blaming the Times for slow reporting, lack of coverage, etc. They have no staff, they have no money, they cannot send a reporter to cover the story because they do not have reporters. The money just isn’t there to sustain a paper. Period.


    • Anon says:

      Yea! What she said!
      Why, just look at how crappy the New York Times is doing! According to their latest earning statements, they lost 11 percent of subscribers Y-O-Y. Oops, did I say LOST? I meant that they GAINED 11% more subscribers in the past quarter. And it was all because of those dang people reading their news online. Them dang computers!
      And the Washington Post too! Why they are doing so poorly, they had to just lay off 60 reporters. Did I say lay off? I meant to say ADD 60 reporters. My bad.

      Maybe those newspapers are doing well because they write material people want to read and aren’t just tools for the wealthy and the powerful. What a thought!


      • Woodstein says:

        To compare the market opportunity of the the El Paso Times to that of the New York Times and the Washington Post is absurd. It’s apples to oranges ….. or a better analogy, grapes to watermelons.


        • Anon says:

          If the product was good, the subscriptions, either digital or paper, would follow. Why can’t El Paso Times increase subscriptions 11%? They can’t because the product sucks. Overpriced paper full of ads and little or no substance that simply do the bidding of the rich and powerful in the city. New York Times? WaPo? Substance. It is not Apples to Oranges, it is just a scale thing. EPT could write investigative important work, but they choose to cover the opening of the latest McDonald’s and the latest car wreck on I10 instead.

          El Diaro El Paso doesn’t seem to be having a problem.


      • Tired says:

        The Washington Post has a robust on-line subscription because their owner, Jeff Bezos, provides it for a minimal cost to Amazon prime members. I read it every day on my Kindle. The NY Times, like CNN, is doing well because of Trump. The conservatives flocked to FOX when Obama was president and now the liberals are hanging on every word the NY Times prints.


    • Chico says:

      I’m pretty sure the Times is responsible for its own problems. It’s not the customers’ job to fix a broken product.

      I disagree that “the money just isn’t there.” The paradigm of news has changed. News agencies have to adapt in order to get people to pay for the product.

      The Times is owned by Gannett Corp and Gannett’s model is to try to sell a mostly syndicated product with minimal local coverage, hence cutting down on local costs. They do this all over the country. I would guess that scale across the U.S. is their goal. It’s similar to what KFOX does with it’s local news show.

      I don’t know if the model works in other markets. However, El Paso is a pretty parochial community. “Local” is very high priority for customers in this market. Many people in EP read the paper just to see stories about their friends and colleagues.

      While I’m not a fan of Bob Moore’s editorial decisions, Gannett’s corporate model is the problem here. Bias toward one political faction only aggravates the paper’s issues.


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    The failure of media, in general, in El Paso, is it has became fly by media because driving by was just to damn slow! In doing this they appeals to an audience of consumers in El Paso that most have the short term memory of a gnat about what their elected officials are doing or have done and what is taking place in local government. The fly by media in El Paso knowing this fact can feed this audience mass quantities of bovine fecal matter and most do not or cannot tell the difference about what is really going on in El Paso government..


    • Old Gringo Guy says:

      Awhile ago, I used to buy the local “newspaper” just to read the comics. When the price doubled to $1.50, I said ‘Screw this! It ain’t worth $1.50.” I can find my news for free on the internet and find it at least one day sooner than the slimes will publish it.


  4. Anon, just one little comment here. The “El Paso Herald Post” was not competition for the Times. They were both owned by the same company at the time “The Herald Post” shut down. Oops! I lied. One more thing. Do you suppose the fact that Spanish language news exists here might have something to do with the failures of the Times?


  5. Anon says:

    El Paso Times needed some kind of competition, and when the Herald Post folded, the slow sad decline of the Times began. Over the years they have had no clear editorial direction, other than sucking up to the powers in town. Unfortunately for the Times, there are less people in power than there are people without power, who would buy the rag if they thought the Times represented them. When they stopped (if they ever began in the first place) looking after the powerless and just became a mouthpiece of the political powerful, simply regurgitating press releases and stopped asking questions (other then softballs) at news events, they stopped being a real newspaper.

    What is the purpose of journalism? To speak truth to power, to expose corruption, to speak for those that have no voice. The Times does none of these. They therefore cannot expect those that they do not represent to purchase their product. 9000? Probably the number of rich white families in El Paso.

    When was the last time the Times made anyone angry with their reporting? Hell, all they do is talk about is the new hot dog menu at the stadium which is owned by the rich and powerful.

    News? In El Paso with the English language press, news consists of car wrecks and any other dead person or persons they can find lying around. News is a big article about a big advertiser opening up a big new car dealership or restaurant or apartment complex. That is pretty much it. When was the last time there was a negative article about a major advertiser? Pretty much never.

    They shouldn’t be surprised that people don’t purchase the paper. It is not their friend.


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