Unnecessary secrets

Just because we might have the right to do something that does not necessarily mean that we should do it.

Texas law allows city council to go into executive session when it seeks the advice of its attorney about pending or contemplated litigation.

According to their agenda for Tuesday, May 16, 2017 council plans to go into executive session to discuss possible litigation to oppose Texas senate bill 4.  The bill would punish local governments that prohibit law enforcement personnel from asking people that they detain  about the detainee’s immigration status.

According to a Times article:

City Attorney Sylvia Borunda Firth said during the discussion, posted on the city’s executive session agenda, she will explain the legal implications of the law and share information on current litigation across the state.

Why should this be secret?

The city is being asked to join a lawsuit that opposes senate bill 4, so it is true that litigation might be considered.

There are no circumstances about a particular party that need to be confidential here.  The city is not being sued by someone.  The city is not in a dispute where it is trying to recover money or property.

The discussion is about policy and whether or not to spend money to object to the new state law.

We should be able to hear what the city attorney and the  people at the meeting have to say.

We deserve better



7 Responses to Unnecessary secrets

  1. I bet you are right. These chickenshits would rather spend our money on unnecessary arenas than something that might actually benefit the citizens and residents, while sending out a message to the entire nation that we stand for something good. You know, a message that might even make El Paso attractive to new business, or anyone looking to move?


  2. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Now, take it easy! Ya’ll know that we (the taxpayers/voters) just are not smart enough to know everything! Them government folks what WE elected, they know what is best fer us little people. Just leave them alone and let them bankrupt the city with the arena and stuff.


  3. This is just the way the local politicians work. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up, lie again. No INTEGRITY. We are faced with constant tax INCREASES for everything. Constant inflated, fabricated Property “Evaluations”, always followed by MORE tax INCREASES. I do not support any lawsuit against the State, this Bill . Just another waste of taxpayer money by these politicos and I will not support any of them now or in the future, who support this lawsuit. This town is BILLIONS$$$ in debt. Can’t fix the streets, buy Police vehicles, clean up the trashy city, even put police on the streets and yet every day THEY find more stupid ways to waste OUR money. Total ignorance.


  4. We Get What We Deserve says:

    This is just more of the same from the City as we taxpayers sit around in our homes, offices, cafes and bars being pissed off and preaching to the choir, but doing nothing of significance to LOUDLY protest the City’s actions on this or anything else. No wonder they keep doing this stuff.

    We only get to vote every few years. We vote, but then we do nothing to keep the elected bozos in line or to challenge the special interests that are exerting undue influence. We don’t protest even though it’s our right to do so. El Paso is still a small city controlled by a few and too many people are afraid to step up publicly and take a position because of the possible social and economic repercussions. But we’re quick to criticize or demean protesters, especially if we disagree with their reasons for protesting.

    Fool us once shame on them. Fool us twice shame on us. So as many times as we’ve been fooled, it’s definitely shame on us. Maybe there’s truth in the old saying: “We get what we deserve.”


    • The City Council, the Commissioners, especially Escobar. The TAXPAYERS are nothing but prostitutes to these THIEVES. They lie, deny, deceive US, lie again and even after what these chickenshit politicians DO to US, THEY take OUR money. 97 MILLION$$$ trolley that runs from the Border Entry to UTEP?? The TAXPAYERS, US “Stupid , ignorant peons” have NO chance against the Public Corruption, Democrats that run El Taxo.


      • We Get What We Deserve says:

        Blaming the Democrats won’t solve a thing. It’s also intellectually dishonest. People from both parties are to blame. The small group of power brokers pulling the strings locally is comprised largely of Republicans, who manipulate people in both parties to line their own pockets. Case in point is the ballpark which was built for the benefit of two Republicans. The never-ending partisan bickering is nonproductive. Until we all realize and admit that we are being screwed by individuals and institutions, not parties, we’ll continue to lose this battle.


        • Really?? And when was the FIRST time or the LAST time any Republican, Independent was elected to ANYTHING in El Taxo?. And it may surprise you, but MONEY talks to the POLITICIANS, BS walks. It’s the POLITICIANS that make the decisions, take the bribes, pay offs, kick-backs, campaign “Donations” for making the “Right Decisions” for the RIGHT people. SECRET meetings, ” revolving” meetings in hotels. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the names of the politicians who INCREASE the taxes, the DEMOCRATS running the town. They are the ones who could change things for the better, but they don’t, they won’t, because too much money at stake. Here more than 25 years and nothing ever has or will change. Follow the money.


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