EPISD–educating future citizens

It has been reported to us that EPISD is considering adding 21 teachers to elementary school staffs that will teach music and art.

We hope that they can do this.


4 Responses to EPISD–educating future citizens

  1. Maybe with that BILLION$$ slush fund that some people voted to give them, they could do something, anything, besides increasing the Superintendents, administrative salaries. Maybe some attention directed to Math, History, English, Reading, Writing, so that “Johnny, Suzie” CAN read, write by the time they graduate. Too much to ask? They will just blow it off on Consultants, Lawyers from out of town, out side “Assistants”.


    • Google the Answer says:

      Q: How can bond money be used?

      A: Proceeds from a bond issue can be used for the construction and renovation of facilities, the acquisition of land, and the purchase of capital items such as equipment.

      Source: http://www.mytexaspublicschool.org/The-School-System/Funding/Bonds-101-Questions-and-Answers.aspx

      Bond funds cannot be used for teacher or administrative pay raises, paying for new positions, or teacher or administrative incentive pay.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Forget about bond money for these 21 teachers or paying for music and Art. The board should insure that this function is included in the budget with top priority and not allow the money to be used for anything else. Just cut out consultants for a month! 🙂


      • Chico says:

        Should be “Google the Naive.” You can use always spend money on capital items, in lieu of other routine capital work … allowing the administration to subtely shift funds from one place to another.

        Keep defending your boss, Deputy Dawg … err “Google the Answer.”


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