EPISD–unauthorized closed meeting

The EPISD board of trustees went into closed session the other day to discuss “legal aspects of political activities by trustees and employees”.

Not allowed

The school district has published written policies.  The link below will show you the one that addresses closed meetings:

Board policy BEC–closed meetings

Policy BEC lists the reasons the board may meet in closed session.  It lists no provision that allows a closed meeting for the item as it was worded on the agenda.

We deserve better




8 Responses to EPISD–unauthorized closed meeting

  1. HUSH HUSH says:

    There have been many many instances of closed meetings so that certain individuals are not mentioned publicly. Recently, a high ranking official was demoted and allowed to resign quietly. He had been carrying on an elicit romance with a principal, the same principal who had been carrying on with a former engineer that worked for the district. Isn’t there some sort of moral turpitude clause for these people! We know that not everything should be made public, but come on Brutus! This is a school district not a dating service.


    • Ah yes, but it is the EPISD School District. Just one big Society of Corruption. And we thought that Lorenzo Garcia and the “Dirty Dozen” were crooks. They have a BILLION$$$ slush fund. THEY can buy, sell, pay off whatever THEY want. And now apparently the Board President, who helped drive up Cabreras salary to a cool HALF-MILLION$$$ is going to need campaign “Funds, donations”. Do these people have their own “Integrity Investigator”, like the City Council??


  2. Dan Wever says:

    They also had a major board meeting at 9 AM and did millions of dollars worth of business and there is still no video of it. It seems that after the bond passed the public is treated like the pregnant girl who is trying to find out who the father is. Nobody is interested in her anymore.


    • Exactly, Mr Wever. They have that BILLION$$ slush fund now that SOME voters gave them. And THEY simply do not care what US “Stupid, ignorant peons” think or even if we do. The Society of Public Corruption-EPISD.


  3. ripper1951 says:

    Brutus, EPISD has previously indicated they will do whatever they want, when they want, with whoever they want and no one will be able to stop them . It is this arrogance that is the same as the Garcia Administration displayed.


  4. The people of El Taxo would be totally SURPRISED if WE found out that ANYTHING that EPISD, Fennenbock, Cabrera, “The Board” , did or does is ILLEGAL. No TRUTH, no INTEGRITY there. THEY do whatever THEY want.


  5. I hate the thought of schools that are not public schools, but day by day in a bewildering number of new ways, the local school districts are overcoming my revulsion to school choice.


    • Dan Wever says:

      The EPISD is a public school system in name only. It is already a Charter school district. They just need to get rid of any type of accountability to make it official.


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