This came in from Dan Wever:

12 Responses to EPISD–marketing

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    If public school districts have to “market” themselves it is time to talk consolidation. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for public school marketing campaigns that essentially have them competing against other districts or private school options. We also need to eliminate the open enrollment option because that also drives this competition issue.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Great asssessment.


      • Dan Wever says:

        And since the first RFP was issued in June of 2016 is it possible that the EPISD really wanted to spend the first $250,000 to get professional people in El Paso before the Bond Election? Did they send out flyers telling everyone how great the EPISD was doing? Of course, it would have been illegal for the EPISD
        to hire them to help with the bond issue!


  2. ProphetNathan says:

    Sadly, in El Paso County, consolidation appears to hold little benefit for most taxpayers. Until I see a major change from top to bottom, I will vote against any school bond election after a life time of always approving them.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    Someone at EPISD knows someone who knows someone at BrandEra. Otherwise, they would do the right thing and hire an El Paso marketing firm like Mithoff Burton or Sanders Wingo? This is another great example of money flowing unnecessarily out of our own community.


  4. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Btw, this is what educational excellence looks like: http://www.stoutmagazine.com/stoutways/stoutways-principal-george-llewellyn-lamar-middle-school/. No mention of high tech solutions, 21st century outcomes, etc. Just a focus on getting the community involved and looking at what behaviors needed to change to improve student performance. Compare that to the gobbledygook EPSID babbles in its promotional efforts.


    • Anon says:

      Give me a small school full of rich white kids and I will do well too.


      • Chico says:

        Anon, if you are at EPISD, and I’m guessing you are … you probably should quit. If you can’t do well with our students, go elsewhere. Your prejudice is not needed here.

        If EPISD and its administrators were committed to learning, the teachers and the students could succeed. Unfortunately, we have too many Anon’s and free IPADs, neither of which are correlated with learning.


  5. ripper1951 says:

    What are they going to market? “Come see EPISD squander the bond money on consultants, renege on salary increases promised if the bond passed, see the tour of the brand new AOY, Brown and Hornedo schools that reek like a water treatment plant, and watch as they spend millions more in software that make administrators look good, teachers look like the bad guys and students look like Einsteins.”


    • Rye Winterweet says:

      Ripper you’re right on the money. EPISD is a business and the customer is always right, in this instance the parents! No matter how bad students are, it’s the teachers’ fault in the eyes of EPISD and the parents. Work not turned in, tests not taken, it’s the teacher’s fault and they do punish the teacher for upsetting the parents by holding to curriculum standards! They won’t admit it but teachers are being disciplined for “making” the parents feel bad by posting real grades not inflated ones. Don’t forget students get to take “redos” of all failed work! EPISD no longer has the teachers’ backs and is working diligently to get rid of everyone over 50 years old! The district knows that younger teachers are easier to manipulate. Run from the EPISD brand as fast as you can!


  6. ripper1951 says:

    Lots of comments but it boils down to – EPISD will do whatever it wants, when it wants, and no one is in a position to stop them as they are run by attorneys.


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