School districts–charter options (1)

We learned the other day (thanks to the Times) that some at EPISD may be considering operating or facilitating charter schools.  We hope that the people at the Times realize that they have struck upon an opportunity to educate the public while selling more newspapers by covering this complex topic in depth with a number of articles.

Without regard to what the Times does, we intend to discuss the subject in several blog posts.  We have learned that making our articles short and limiting them to one point works better with many of our readers.

As it turns out, Texas law allows school districts to operate in the charter format one of three ways:

  • They can adopt a home-rule school district that applies to the entire district
  • An individual campus can operate under its own charter
  • The district can hire a private firm to run programs on school district property

The rules are complicated and vague and will be subject to much argument and probably lawsuits.

We will write about how these options can be adopted in future posts.

Stay tuned

We deserve better

8 Responses to School districts–charter options (1)

  1. Beto Moore says:

    It would interesting to find out who owns the property that the charter schools will be built on.


  2. Old Fart says:

    There used to be provision in state law to allow a school district, via a petition signature collection process and public vote, to disband or split a district. One idea would be to split the district along the mountain into Western and Eastern districts. Voters, taxpayers and residents are not powerless in these internal district debates.


    • Brutus says:

      There still is. It would require approval of the majority of voters in the entire existing district. There would probably be a problem getting approval because of perceptions of the “rich” side vs. the “poor” side of town.


      • money thoughts says:

        Actually the eastern part of the district or as you say “poor” side would most likely have more money due to Western Refining, Phelps, Cielo Vista Mall, Bassett, the Airport hotels etc


  3. Glad you learn. Learn Harder says:

    Yes. One topic results in more focused comments. Now less in-fighting between media sources (you and the Times) might allow you to focus on informing the public rather than appearing arrogant and butt-hurt.

    The fact is that EPISD has, time and time again, stated that they will NOT back charter schools. All the while, they have had an evil plan, hatched by big conservative money, to institute a charter school system into El Paso. The people who comprised El Paso Kids First, El Paso Rising and all EPISD Bond Support ARE both CREEED and Texans for Education Reform members. They OWN Fenenbock and Cabrera. One of the masterminds behind this was recently touted by our lovely Governor Abbott as a bastion of Republican-hood in the heavily democratic El Paso area on his own website. Even though the El Paso Mayoral election is ‘non-partisan.’ EL PASO HAS BEEN HAD! BAMBOOZLED! THE WOOL HAS BEEN PULLED OVER EL PASO’S APATHETIC LITTLE EYES. The EPISD Bond was developed, engineered, funded and executed to create state of the art CHARTER SCHOOLS!!! The selective education and flushing of certain ethnic populations here in El Paso that is coming will make Lorenzo Garcia’s amateur little plan look like child’s play.

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    • Dan Wever says:



    • no name says:

      What ethnic population do you suppose will be “flushed?” If you’re thinking Hispanic, El Paso is over 80% Hispanic and even higher among school age children. How do you think “flushing” that group would even be possible? Charter schools would no doubt cater to the highest performing children at the expense of those with disabilities or those who are not academic achievers but it is not logistically possible to flush Hispanics.

      The highest performing schools in the nation are charter schools in Arizona. These schools work well if you don’t count the needs of special education or children that may be quite capable academically but are not yet focused. Charter schools would no doubt leave behind the students at Bowie, for example, who, because of socio-economic reasons, are mainly underachievers.


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