Smartphone battery tip

M. T. Cicero shared some newly acquired knowledge the other day.

He had been having trouble with his smartphone battery charge only lasting about half of a day.  He consulted several people and was told:

  • Close your unused apps
  • Delete apps
  • Delete pictures
  • Turn off wifi and blue tooth
  • Don’t charge the battery so often
  • Charge the battery more often
  • Replace the battery

He tried all suggestions and still had a phone that only stayed charged for half of a day.

He finally looked into his voice mail and found that he had left entries in the voice mail system.  He deleted all of his prior voice mail entries.

The phone now holds a charge.


2 Responses to Smartphone battery tip

  1. anonymous says:

    If he replaced the battery and still has the problem, it is a problem with the hardware or firmware. It’s time to either ask for a replacement or buy a new phone.


  2. M.T. Cicero says:

    Sorry to say it only lasted for one day and back to square one. Any suggestions from Timmy Holt.


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