Unfortunate situation

Recently the judge in the EPISD administrators case declared a mistrial.

It seems that the prosecution team failed to turn over evidence that would have helped the defense.

Without regard to consideration of  whether the defendants are guilty or not, we were distressed to read some of the comments on one of the local television station’s facebook page:

The judge is probably in on it too or paid off… gotta love the corrupt justice system in El Paso

Makes u wonder of judge got paid.

Judge briones got $$$$$ for it



14 Responses to Unfortunate situation

  1. ripper1951 says:

    Which station?


  2. The Oracle says:

    It . .IS . . . allowed for attorney’s to “Donate” to Judge’s political campaigns, in Texas.
    Geeee, what could be WRONG with THAT ???

    That Just SCREAMS . . “Impropriety”, and Obstruction of Justice.


  3. Retired boomer says:

    Send the reporter a link to Brady vs. Maryland


  4. abandon hope says:

    Ridiculous, ignorant comments about the judge. There was nothing else he could do. The prosecution admitted and was embarrassed that they screwed up by not providing evidence. If you want to throw stones, throw them at El Paso’s esteemed federal prosecutor D Kanoff.


  5. Tim Holt says:

    Not too much different than the type of rhetoric that sometimes shows up on this and other blogs. How many times does someone on this board accuse someone else, be it a school city or state official of being “corrupt?”


    • Sendyrkidstoyisd says:

      So let’s jump into the fire with the coincidence of Dori quitting at the same time. Must be a conspiracy, but don’t let facts get in the way of this or other blogs or TV stations, newspapers, or even EPISD web sites.


    • Reality Checker says:

      A lot of your colleagues are also quick to throw around the C word when complaining about EPISD.


      • Tim Holt says:

        However, this blog post is specifically about online behavior. As you can see, one of the very first posts in reply was about the prosecution being “paid off.” (Old Gringo) Online,people, especially when they can post anonymously, are much quicker to post inflammatory rhetoric or make unfounded accusations, which in other circumstances would be grounds for a libel suit.

        I think that is why we have seen such a rise in so called “hate speech” in our country. The internet allows people to remain anonymous, just like Klan hoods did back in the day. Go back through ANY of the threads here where Brutus (who also is anonymous btw) is trying to start a conversation and see how quickly the comment section devolves into people either calling the folks responding names, or calling the people in the post names, or accusing whomever of all types of illegal activity.

        Of course, look at the model we use in our country: National “news” shows where the guests just end up yelling at each other and no real discussion takes place. The louder the yelling, the higher the ratings.

        In EPISD, we have a video which we show all the kids where we talk about the “Grandma Rule.” If you wouldn’t say it to your grandma, or if your grandma wouldn’t approve of it, them don’t say it online.

        Perhaps we should invoke the Grandma Rule in our online discourse.


        • abandon hope says:

          Well said.


        • Reality Checker says:

          I agree philosophically and have posted similar comments about the toxic, mean-spiritedness of some comments. However, knowing the behavior or many grandmas and grandpas (and I’m sure some commenters here are grandparents), I would not call it a “Grandma Rule.”

          But I stand on my comment some of your colleagues are doing the same things that you so dislike. They post anonymously, even here, using inflammatory, accusatory, even libelous language, while acknowledging their own positions in EPISD. My guess is that some of them, like many others, post anonymously partly out of fear of social or professional retaliation.


  6. Old Gringo says:

    “It seems that the prosecution team failed to turn over evidence that would have helped the defense.”

    Was the prosecution paid off? It takes a piss-poor lawyer to make a mistake like this!


  7. Max Higgs says:

    For anyone to talk about contributions to judge’s political campaigns reveals deep seated ignorance. Judge Briones is a good man and good judge. Assertions of impropriety in this context almost cause me to question the First Amendment, but even morons have a right to speak out of their ignorance. Judges hate to declare mistrials because they have to start over with a case after investing much time and energy while their docket suffers. With freedom comes responsibility. Is Judge Briones perfect? No, none of us are, but his commitment to justice is unquestionable. His regard for public education and for his home town of El Paso are absolute.


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