School districts–charter options (4)

The final way that one of our school districts can create a charter school is to hire a company to run an educational program within an existing school.

A school board can turn an entire campus over to an organization or they can ask the organization to operate within a school along with the regular education program.

In either of these cases the district will end up paying an organization and giving them free rent.

We got a hint of things to come in EPISD–avoiding reconstitution.

We deserve better


One Response to School districts–charter options (4)

  1. The Emperor is Naked says:

    What is going on at Central Office??? Principals say the last meeting with Cabra was a defensive clusterfest! Cabra turned on his people and said he has heard there are people unhappy with him and that those people who oppose him need to get another job because he will find out who they are and remove them!?!? Thin skin…False Media…lavish Luxurious Spending on himself! Threats and bullying!!! Who does he remind us of??? And I guess KVIA is his version of Fox News!

    And Dino Coronado is gone…. Taryn Bailey is gone… We hear tell Karen Blaine is gone… Mass exodus from his close tight circle! Wonder what unethical or illegal stuff he tried to get them to do… or…could it be the test scores that are the lowest in all of the surrounding districts? Every single grade from 3rd grade on up to End of Course are the lowest in all of El Paso!! ! Why haven’t they done a story on that?? Why haven’t those scores been released?

    This guy is an empty suit and needs to go!

    And what about that departing district email sent by former Board President Fenebucks??


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