School districts–charter options (3)

An individual campus can become a charter campus if a petition is signed by:

  1. The parents (one) of the majority of the students at a campus, and
  2. A majority of the classroom teachers at a campus.

The school board cannot arbitrarily deny a charter requested.

Parents may enroll their student at a charter campus.  The district may not assign a student to a charter campus unless the parent has voluntarily enrolled the student.

A teacher cannot be assigned to a charter campus if the teacher has signed a written statement that indicates that the teacher does not agree to the assignment.

Texas law also has a provision that allows the school board to unilaterally create a charter campus as long as the number of students attending such district created charter campuses does not exceed 15 percent of the total students in the district.  There is an exclusion to the 15 percent rule if the district wants to create charter campuses to a feeder pattern of schools, including an elementary, middle, and high school.

It seems that there is a way for schools to be operated separately from the school district to which they belong.

We will discuss charter campus programs (private firms) soon.

Stay tuned


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