City 2017/2018 budget

City council is starting the annual budget process this week.  Those meetings are “special” ones and are held at a different time from regular publicly attended city council meetings.

From what we have been able to read so far the city manager is going to propose a budget that is slightly smaller than last year’s.

After a rocky start our current city manager seems to be taking care of business.

We will soon see if the final budget our new mayor and city council settle on still reflects a budget reduction.

We deserve better


6 Responses to City 2017/2018 budget

  1. mamboman3 says:

    A budget reduction? Just $62 million in Certificates of Obligation to be issued as part of this new budget plan which means our PROPERTY TAXES WILL INCREASE to pay off more debt. Wonderful. Just what our City needs.


  2. The new Mayor, City Council will be over whelmed by the piles of money THEY take from US. So yeah, THEY will have lots of “wants”. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the NAMES of the people who tax, waste, spend, tax some more, INCREASE taxes at every opportunity. THEY don’t fix streets, clean up the city, create jobs, improve the economy, put Police on the streets. THEY build ball fields, Arenas, sports complexes for BILLIONAIRES or who ever THEY owe and WE are FORCED by THEM to pay for it all. Nothing ever changes in El Taxo…………………


  3. Old Gringo says:

    And that 62 million is WITHOUT any taxpayer approval! God! It must be nice to have an unlimited source of money to spend on stupid ideas that never seem to be completed or used to full capacity. (Has anyone noticed the new facility at the old Northgate Shopping Center? Me Neither. See flocks of bicycles in the stupid bicycle lanes? Me neither. Rode on the bend in the middle buses? Me neither.)


    • THEY learned all this from the criminals at EPISD. MILLIONS, BILLIONS$$$ in slush funds and THEY are not accountable to the TAXPAYERS, VOTERS, anybody. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the NAMES of the POLITICIANS, PUBLIC OFFICIALS who steal from US. Tax, waste, spend, INCREASE taxes, tax, waste, spend some more. An old Mexican Farmer was asked what he thought about the new Presidente. “Oh there is a new Presidente? I didn’t know that. Out here the only thing that ever changes is the names of the people who come to steal my goats, chickens”. US “Stupid, ignorant peons in El Taxo”.


    • mamboman3 says:

      So true…done without taxpayer approval supposedly a good part of it to pay for poorly funded projects from the 2012 bond election. So first we do bonds then we do CO’s for the same projects?? Isn’t that sort of double dipping or paying twice??


  4. eastsider says:

    Remember, it was the taxpayers who voted for those quality of life projects. Never mind that the city manager grossly underestimated the cost of every single project. So, that is taxpayer approved spending. There is no way to have a reasonable budget with those projects still looming.


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