City considers even more debt

The details of the proposed city budget are coming out.

Earlier this year former mayor Oscar Leeser vetoed prior city council’s effort to issue certificates of obligation in the amount of $44 million  that would have been used to pay for shortfalls in the $473 million quality of life bond projects.

We wrote about that in Bond projects continue to cost more.  This chart was part of the presentation to city council at the time:

Mayor Leeser stalled the effort and said that he believed it should be part of the annual budget process.

Now with a new mayor and a largely new city council they are going to try again except now the amount is up to $62.3 million.

City council needs to change their instructions to the city manager.  More money is not the answer.  Eliminating and reducing some projects is.

We deserve better


8 Responses to City considers even more debt

  1. Haiduc says:

    What the Heck?????
    El Paso is best run city in Texas, study finds

    El Paso is best run city in Texas, study finds El Paso has been recognized as the best run city in Texas, according to personal finance website


    • Apparently what they are saying is that “Inherent Public Corruption, mismanagement”, actually “works”.. This sorta like the Magazine Ad the city bought, so they will say that El Paso “Is the SAFEST city in the country,” El Paso is ONE of the best places to LIVE, El Paso is the BEST city for Retirees, El Paso has the best ECONOMY, El Paso is the CLEANEST……………..” They always forget to mention that El Paso has the HIGHEST, fabricated, inflated Property “Values”, HIGHEST taxes in Texas, the country. No industry, no jobs, is a Sanctuary City for Illegals, over a BILLION$$$ in DEBT, 300 MILLION$$$ in UNPAID traffic tickets, OVERPAID Public Officials, etc,etc, etc But then the politicians, TAXPAYERS did build a baseball field for the local BILLIONAIRE and now THEY are going to build an Arena for “Somebody”. Politicians who DON’T afford to put Police VEHICLES, OFFICERS on the street. But they never mention that El Paso has the BEST weather, BEST Mexican Food in the country.


  2. Chico says:

    I’m guessing that we won’t see the “fiscal conservative” Margo show leadership here. He’s a tax and spend guy like the rest.


    • Chico, it’s tax, waste, spend, FABRICATE Property “Values” INCREASE TAXES more and continue to tax, waste, spend. Margo is a CAREER politician, who didn’t know that? Doubt that he will veto anything that is a BAD deal for US peons. BANKRUPTCY .THEY just can’t tax US enough to stay afloat. But THEY will try.


  3. Tax, waste, spend, INCREASE TAXES, spend some more. Mayor Lesser absolutely did the right thing. I voted for Shane Haggerty, HE has a lot more INTEGRITY than most politicians, Public Officials in El Paso. I expected a lot more from Mr Robinson. He turned out just to be a “Yes man” for the others on Council, with not so much INTEGRITY. “I vote yes, go along, get along”. As a former Army Officer I will expect a lot more from Mr Sam Morgan. Dee Margo is a CAREER politician. He does not care about people being kicked out of their homes just to build SOMEBODY an Arena. He is not concerned about the tax, waste, spend, increase taxes, fabricate Property Values, tax some more. He, like MOST of the rest of City Council, County Commissioners, is concerned about a pay check and the position of sitting HIGH ABOVE the “Peons” and dictating. After more than 25 years here, the fact is that life, TAXES, death never gets any better for US “Peons”, the PEOPLE of El Paso. And the POLITICIAN, Public Officials don’t CARE. THEY are ALL in it for their own game, gain.


  4. When you consider that the majority of El Pasoans did not even bother to vote on those ill conceived QoL projects, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that a redo of the entire idea might be appropriate? Scrap all of the projects, and start over, and stop the waste.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The city budget should be run as we run our households. I’d love “state of the art” everything, but when the price is more than my budget I’m smart enough to KNOW I can’t afford it. If prices go up as the city waits to begin projects, then you need to change your plans. Build what you can with the money you have. El Paso’s tax base does not support a Lexus on a Chevy budget. We’re doing our part, now CITY LEADERS, do yours!


  6. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Really well said, Brutus. I’m very tired of watching these folks tell us we must adhere to what was voted for when it serves their agenda and then increase project budgets and scope for their pet projects without taking it back to the voters.


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