Spend less, tax more

Simply put:

Yet their proposed budget indicates spending will actually go down $4.9 million from last year.

How can that be?  They predict a decrease in revenues other than property taxes.  That’s what happens when our economy slows down.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Spend less, tax more

  1. Well they also WASTE MORE ! So when they WANT more of OUR money, they simply call their cronies at Central Appraisal and tell them to INCREASE, fabricate, inflate Property “Values”. Which of course is ALWAYS followed by ANOTHER tax INCREASE on US. In El Taxo it’s NEVER what is BEST for US “Stupid, ignorant peons”, the PEOPLE. It’s always what is BEST for the politicians, Public Officials and what is BEST for THEM and what deals THEY can make to fill THEIR pockets.


    • MoonintheMoon says:

      Charlie Dickerson
      “they simply call their cronies at Central Appraisal and tell them to INCREASE, fabricate, inflate Property “Values”. ” Now Charles you know that never happens! ;O)


  2. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The big question I have is why they feel the arena must legally be downtown because that’s what the voters voted for but it is okay for project budgets to increase beyond what voters voted for and to issue COs to cover that.


  3. OLD GRINGO says:

    Budgets made by politicians are simply smoke and mirrors. Makes the peons feel secure while hiding the actual financial picture.


  4. The Oracle says:

    City Council, July 31st, says they are going to RAISE the percentage of PROPERTY TAXES because our Property Appraisals have GONE DOWN. (That means we are “poor-er” or “more poor” or “The property and TOWN is worth less and less desirable.” to those that buy or rent real estate.
    They will ” lose over 1 million due to the TOWN being Less Desirable (Mainly because of the HIGH ASS PROPERTY TAXES which dissuade people from moving here).
    So, they will raise the Percentage %, so they will receive the same amount of money !
    If the appraisals went down to almost ZERO “Can you say the word Detroit”, they’d have to raise the rate to 1 million percent to cover their Over-Spending.
    If the Appraisals don’t come in . . . just RAISE the Percentage !
    There. Problem fixed.
    (Oh, God, . . . . they need to go to jail.)

    What a way to screw us !
    Their OWN appraisals says: . . WE ARE POOR-ER, and the property has LESS VALUE.
    So, they will charge the Poor-er people MORE !

    Blatant deception.

    I guess that baseball stadium did not bring in that Big-Ol-Money from out of town. Or convince people with “means” to move here and help pay our property taxes.


    • The Oracle says:

      Oh yeah . . . I’ll add . . . .
      What’s the point in the Appraisals AT ALL, if they are just going to divvy up all the money/financed crap/ budget/ they want to spend and just “Send us a bill ?”
      The City is not honoring the appraisals then.
      Would the State Police or State Attorney General/ come and get these people ?


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