Getting around the voters

There you have it!

Now the city wants to have the authority to issue more bonds (without voter approval) to fund the quality of life projects that were approved half of a decade ago.

Call your city representative today.  If they are unavailable leave a message.

We deserve better


5 Responses to Getting around the voters

  1. Yes. I think they need to totally abandon all unfinished projects, including and especially the ill conceived arena!


  2. Fed Up says:

    Whether it is spending money or changing leave pool policy such as Mrs. Ordaz-Perez wants it is mostly self serving for them and their cronies.


  3. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up, hide what THEY did to US. There is no HONOR among these thieves. The only thing that ever changes in El Taxo is the NAMES of the politicians, Public Officials that screw US over. “Openness, HONESTY”?? These weasels have no ETHICS, INTEGRITY.


  4. OLD GRINGO says:

    What is really sad is that this just further emphasizes the high (sic) regard that our elected leaders have for the taxpayers of El Paso.
    What, the poor don’t have bread? Then let them eat cake.


  5. Just a thot says:

    Did they forget the contributions of intelligent skilled Lebanese Syrian Chinese Scottish labourers whom built this city along wiyh the unlearned Mexican labourers? Mexican American culture center is not being inclusive. My great great grandfather tsught Mexican men how to timber mines in parral…how to fix steam engines and such…much more contributions than making beans


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