EPISD–farming children

This month EPISD sold a little over 7 acres of land that they declared surplus to our local housing authority.

State law allows them to sell to another public entity without taking bids.  They sold the property for a somewhat over one million dollars.  The board material indicates that they property was appraised at the value they sold it for.  Who knows what they could have gotten on the open market.

The board was clever in that by selling to the housing authority they are almost certain to ensure that children from the housing complex will attend EPISD schools.  That will increase income since Texas pays the district for every day a child attends school. Enrollment at the district has been falling off dramatically.

Unfortunately EPISD will not get the benefit of property taxes from the sale as they would have if the property had been sold to a developer who then put houses on the land.

Local property taxes account for roughly 30% of the district’s revenue.

We deserve better


5 Responses to EPISD–farming children

  1. Dan Wever says:

    Brutus, I think you can get an appraisal for any amount you want. When I was on the board they tried to sell 6 acres in the Willows for I think it was about the appraised value of $180,000. I stopped it once but do not know what happened after I left but it was worth much more than that. Lots were going for 75K (2003)


  2. Chico says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that Cabrera is not a mental giant. I’m going to guess that the calculation of potential sales vs. potential tax revenue vs. student attendance funding was never done.

    Tim, what’s your opinion of this? Knowing that what you say is not a reflection of your employer.

    Feel free to comment on ChupaCabrera’s decision to charge the district for the AIPAC conference, unofficially of course.


  3. Just a thot says:

    Very bright article. Wow. Why does no one speak of this publicly


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