Sold into slavery

Both the city and county are considering raising your taxes 8% this year.

State law allows the voters to trigger a tax rollback election if they go over 8%.

The rollback process requires that 7% of the registered voters sign a properly formatted petition asking for the rollback election.  The signatures cannot be older than 120 days.

Getting to the 7% number would be difficult.

Even with the difficulty, the cowards that are our local elected officials are afraid to go over the 8% and thus give us a chance.  Their fear confirms the belief that they know the voters are unhappy and might rise up and strike them down.

Our state legislature is currently changing the law.  Some think that they may go as low as 4%.

Word on the street is that city council and commissioner’s court want to get their money while they can–before the 8% threshold is lowered.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Sold into slavery

  1. Old Fart says:

    For now they are saying that 8% is only a place holder, but you can never be sure until the final budget is passed.

    Reference this statement: “Our state legislature is currently changing the law. Some think that they may go as low as 4%.” Local members of the state legislature likely can’t support this, because city and county leaders are against it. But that does not prevent readers from directly contacting, by email, the state legislators that are pushing this bill. If you are concerned and want a cap level of 4%, then let them know your views.


  2. Anonymous says:

    If you are a homestead home owner and do not work then file a form and STOP paying your property taxes. They will get your house when you die but by then you have probably saved the value of the home in taxes not paid.


  3. Marshall Carter-Tripp says:

    And yesterday we received our “EPISD is wonderful” mailing, applauding all the great things done and on their way. It could also be titled “Vote for Fenenbock for Congress!” How much this cost is unknown, but doubtless it will be paid for from the new taxes being considered.


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