Fighting us with our money

This is the second note that came in about the electric company’s bills:

Dear Brutus,

I thought that you readers might appreciate being directed toward an interesting surcharge on their El Paso Electric bill. The charge is called “rate case expense surcharge” and is typically a few cents.
The bill does not explain the purpose of this surcharge. My understanding is that we (the customers) are charged for El Paso Electric’s legal fees, so the utility monopoly does not have a financial burden when they apply to raise our rates.
We deserve better.

One Response to Fighting us with our money

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just like the politicians, Public Officials, EPISD criminals, CARPETBAGGERS that are IMPORTED into El Taxo to tax and STEAL from US “Stupid ignorant peons”.. THEY get away with it. El Taxo is prime hunting ground for the vultures from every where. It’s just the “Price” we pay for the “Privilege” of living in El Taxo. Just one big Cartel.


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