Something missing

We are surprised that only one group (KVIA TV) reported the fact that YISD will receive $215 million to help pay for the $430 million bond issue that was approved.

KVIA wrote about and quoted the YISD superintendent:

De La Torre also pointed to additional state funding in the form of Existing Debt Allotment and Instructional Facilities Allotment.

“It’s a $430.5 million bond. But in terms of the burden to our community it’s a $215.25 million bond and that’s all they are being asked to pay for because the state is paying for the other half,” De La Torre said.”

As far as we can see the Times has not mentioned the $215 million.  They attributed the district’s tax decrease to:

District officials said the decrease is due to favorable market conditions during the bond sale and a slight increase in state funding for existing debt and for an allotment that helps offset the cost of building new instructional facilities.

In our neck of the woods $215 million in tax relief is worth writing about.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Something missing

  1. mamboman3 says:

    They can fill in the blank with the amount that fits their purpose when “communicating” with the public or others. I wonder why did they ask us to vote for $430 million and now they make this big reveal?


  2. old gringo says:

    Could it be districts (like EPISD) may have already gotten the state money, but are keeping it a secret from the taxpayers because the district wants to get all the taxpayer money too?


  3. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Another reader showed a link in a comment on a different post that shows the criteria for getting this state support and that link indicated this is pretty much slam dunk if the bond issue is directed toward school buildings. This raises a big question: since the “leadership” at EPSID threw everything but the kitchen sink into their bond issue (including short life items like laptops), does this disqualify them from this tax relief program? They seem terribly silent on this potential route of taxpayer relief.


  4. JerryK says:

    But if they can still spend the $215MM, well it floats a lot of boats owned by important people here. Maybe that is the reason for the silence of the Times?


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