Something good could happen at the county

With the resignation of our county judge it is possible that we might see a change in commissioners court’s spending habits.

Possible is the key word here.  It is important that we try to influence who the commissioners choose to replace her.

With the “holdover” provision of the Texas constitution in place it is possible that commissioners court will do nothing to replace the county judge.  To us, that would be unfortunate.

Of the four regular members of the court, two have been advocates for fiscal prudence while the other two seem to be more inclined to spend more money.

It looks to us like the swing vote here will be the commissioner that used to be the city’s chief of police.  There has been talk of him throwing his hat in the ring and running in the next election for county judge.

If we can influence Mr. Leon to vote for a county judge replacement that wants to reign in spending, we could have a win here.

The word on the street is that there are portions of the county government where savings could be realized by reducing personnel but that the current judge won’t allow it.  She evidently does not want to hurt her congressional chances.

An appointed county judge–especially one that will not stand for election–could make the necessary reductions without worrying about the political costs.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Something good could happen at the county

  1. Rodney Fender - West El Paso says:

    I have not seen Mr. Leon display any fiscal restraint so we need to contact our county commissioners to get someone as judge, at least for a while, that will “drain the swamp


  2. Old Fart says:

    Leon certainly would not be a bad choice at all to replace Escobar. He has now been on the court for a numbers of years, plus his time as police chief and time on the force, should have prepared him to work cooperatively in a large size organization. Since the Sheriff’s Department and courts comprise a good chunk of the County’s budget, suspect he might be able to work well with Wiles.

    But would Leon agree with that past restriction, where he could not then run on his own for County Judge? That would be very restrictive.

    Cook has announced, and somewhere heard a possible relative of the former sheriff may run. What have you heard?

    For commissioner candidates, what are your thoughts on former Representative Marquez, and possibly even Emma Acosta? Your thoughts?


  3. anon says:

    Anyone but Cook.


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