Communication from a city representative

Evidently a city representative sent this to one of our readers:


     This week, hope took a hold of me at different angles. On the positive side, last Sunday I volunteered at the El Paso Unites for Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue event downtown. Not only did I donate a print of one of the original posters from the El Paso Transnational Trolley Project, but I helped in the reception of donations. El Pasoans with cars and trucks pulled into San Jacinto Plaza, dropping off loads of pet food, diapers and bottled water to benefit the animals (and, of course, humans) that continue to suffer because of the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Some didn’t even stay for the free concert; they just pulled up, unloaded and left. When you read about the overflow of volunteers and the amount of monetary donations the relief efforts have been receiving, it makes me proud to be American. It gives me hope to see many different Americans and citizens of the world come together to help each other.

On the other side of hope, there is more of a strained hope that I felt as the president proclaimed the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. I joined a vigil this past Tuesday to speak my mind and to stand in solidarity with those affected by the decision. I, myself, am a son of immigrants and a child of the border. I could have been born in any other country, but my parents had the foresight to have me in the greatest one there is. There is a lack of empathy on the side of this administration to place the fault of one generation onto another. This change in policy had me think more about the empathy we all should for those who are productive members of society that are making the best of the opportunities afforded to them in the United States and had no choice about being born or raised in the USA. For some DREAMers, they do not know life in any other country, like most Americans do. The hope in me is that these DREAMers will be able to fulfill the opportunity  that comes with hard work and dedication in fulfilling the American Dream. At our best, we, as a country, lend a hand to those in need in the name of giving them a chance to be on equal footing to pursue their American Dream. We continue to see it with the efforts in Houston and east Texas and my hope is that we will see it with the DREAMers.

     Lastly, We want to express our deepest heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the Sumrall family on the passing of former District 1 Representative, Janice Sumrall. Representative Sumrall was a very progressive leader who really listened to her district and was instrumental in the formation of the Rim Area Neighborhood Overlay, the Dorris Van Doren library, and was the grand marshal of the first Gay Pride Parade in El Paso. My success in this office is predicated upon the hard work placed upon the shoulders of many office holders before me, and Representative Sumrall was an important civic leader to the people of El Paso and District 1. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to your favorite animal shelter or the Animal Rescue League of El Paso: Memorial service will be Saturday, September 9, 2017 1:30 pm at Martin Funeral Home West, 128 N. Resler Dr.

Peter Svarzbein
District 1
300 N. Campbell St.
El Paso, TX 79901
(915) 212-1002

7 Responses to Communication from a city representative

  1. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The thing I find confusing is why we as Americans are bad to end an illegal immigration magnet (come here, hide in the shadows for a decade or so, whine about injustice and your illegal kids will get amnesty because they can’t start over in their home country), but it is morally okay for parents of kids in Latin America to give those kids to a coyote for a dangerous, illegal journey to a new country where a language they don’t speak is dominant. Worse Mexico sanctions that behavior by allowing those kids to journey unsafely through their country. God forbid, they should take in Spanish speaking refugees. In short, if Latino kids are smart and adaptable enough to make that journey and buy a new life in this country, why exactly aren’t the illegal alien ones educated here smart and adaptable enough to do the reverse in their home country? And what message do we send to those who legally navigate our immigration system (which does need reform) when we reward those who break our immigration laws with a path to citizenship?

    And finally, Peter, you donated a print of the trolley to nowhere? I donated 200 lbs of dog food, socks and toiletries because that is what the folks in Houston were asking for. Thank God the bulk of the politicians in this state and the generous people in this city have reacted in ways more in touch with disaster relief.


    • epkamikazi says:

      How can this be labeled when it only applies to children that had been here prior to 12 August 2012? And regardless of how smart they may be, this applied to many children who had very little exposure to their homeland.

      The thing I find hard to believe is how we as Americans have done nothing to punish organizations that serve as a magnet to attract low income slave labor while reaping the benefits.


  2. abandon hope says:

    DACA was enacted by presidential order. The president ended DACA, not because he is opposed to it but because he wants it to be passed the way our system is supposed to pass legislation — by Congress not by executive order.

    We, the people, should now contact our representative and/or senator to tell them what we think of DACA. Whether in favor or opposed, it is now in the hands of the representatives of the American people, rather than ordered by the president.


    • EPKamikazi says:

      Wait. WHAT? Our President is AGAINST Presidential Orders? Or is it possibly because he knows Congress will never do anything to pass it?


      • abandon hope says:

        President Trump rescinded the order enacted by President Obama. Congress is made up of representatives and senators from both parties who need to hear from constituents on this subject. This is where the decision should be made.


  3. anonymous says:

    i, i, me, me ——- The representative’s letter is less about people in need than it is about using the plight of others to call attention to himself and make himself look good. His letter is narcissistic.


  4. disgusted says:

    Peter’s letter made me want to barf. Sanctimonious blather … and then he topped it off by donating NOTHING for the effort to help animals in Houston. (I donated money, Peter.)


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