EPISD–science cuts

This comment came in from a reader:

Did anyone else know about what the comment addresses?

I wouldn’t hold my breath getting a straight answer out of EPISD. Nothing they do make sense anymore. Case in point, the dismantling of the once good science department with its leaders who have helped science teachers in the classrooms.

EPISD wants to be a STEAM district but reassigned TIS personnel until a decision was make to allow them to keep their positions. Now the science department and personnel, the SRC resource center, and Live Materials have gotten the ax.

Don’t expect campuses to appropriately use the funds that have previously been used to stock the SRC. It will not be cost effective to purchase science supplies at the campus level. The district was able to purchase in large quantity at a lower price.

Smh. EPISD is going downhill at break neck speed. Too many yahoos in district administrative positions making terrible decisions that do NOT benefit the students. Whoever (TB) is making these horrible decisions should be fired, effective immediately.

2 Responses to EPISD–science cuts

  1. Benevelous says:

    694 million dollars given to them to play with by the dupes who voted for the bond. And, they are cutting the things they are SUPPOSED to be strengthening!!!

    STEAM… for those that for some reason might have forgotten the meaning of the acronym, means: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART, AND MATHEMATICS.

    So, they are cutting funds for the SRC (SCIENCE RESOURCE CENTER) and the live materials center now. I wonder what they are doing with the planetarium? Haven’t heard anything lately (and haven’t been by there in the building for a while).

    Administrative chaos continues to reign at EPISD. The firm belief of folks around here is that it is all a smoke screen to keep the press and especially the employees (teachers and all support personnel) from seeing or figuring out what they are doing.

    The above listed posting above is spot on. EPISD is in a tumble. How loud will be the “splat” when we hit bottom?


    • Pay No Attention To The Dude Behind The Curtain says:

      I hate these “progressive ” acronyms that are supposed to fool people into believing they are getting a new and improved product! Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math!!! Isn’t that what they are supposed to be teaching? The only subjects left not in the acronym are Social Studies, PE, English and Lunch! So does this mean they don’t teach History or Literature? So when STEAM gets old, the new acronym will be STEAMSSHPEEL!! So do schools without the acronym NOT teach Math or Science? There is an old saying that goes like this. If can can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bull$@@t. And these guys are the best bull$@@t artists around!


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