End of her reign

Our county judge has decided to run for a seat in the feral congress.

The Times recently wrote that she said the following in an interview that they had with her:

“I’ve been tested during some of [the] most difficult times in our community’s history.  I hope that the public in El Paso saw that I passed that test.”

That kind of sounds like one of our local school district superintendents who said he had “one of the hardest jobs in America”.

It would be nice to have government officials that do not consider themselves to be victims.  Maybe their sense of entitlement might diminish a little bit if they did not have to suffer so badly.

This county judge is responsible for the financial mess at the children’s hospital and for the unsustainable clinics that our new hospital administrator somehow has to salvage.  Our readers should feel free to point out other failures that she has brought to us.

If she gets elected she will be at the bottom of the pile in terms of influence in congress.  The more senior members of her party will relegate her to the job of trying to raise money for the party.  That will consume most of her time.  Unlike our current congressman she is not perceived as being very capable and will thus have difficulty raising that money.

We deserve better


7 Responses to End of her reign

  1. Probably Wrong says:

    The mailings I am getting from BO and from Byrd say things like “Elect Escobar because she would be the first hispanic female congressperson from Texas.”
    To me, that is hardly a reason to vote for someone. Didn’t Dr. King say something about not judging someone based on the color of their skin?

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  2. abandon hope says:

    Remember when she sat before a Congressional committee and made an issue of being called “judge”? Personal arrogance is a failure. And, using county resources, she organized the rally in the plaza that the police chief spoke against. Arrogance, misuse of county funds her failed policies of tax and spend make her a weak candidate.

    But, is her opponent any better? I’m always amazed El Paso cannot produce stronger candidates.

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  3. If the “times” were difficult for this community, doesn’t she realize that she herself was largely responsible? We do indeed lack decent candidates, and that is largely due to the simple fact that normal, average citizens can not afford to campaign for public office under our current system.


  4. EPKamikazi says:

    As poorly planned and managed as the city is the county falls far short… I paid extra for flooding and water drainage protection that has been years behind and adds to sensationalism for the news organizations every time we have a heavy rain. By the same token the county added surcharges (NOT tax increases) to registering my vehicle yet the county still has communities with dirt roads.

    I have no sympathy for someone who lives on a private road and thinks the county should bail them out BUT if that flooding is caused by the failure to adequately maintain drainage then I think the county would get tired of seeing the SAME residents every time it rains on the TV…


  5. ManintheMoon says:

    Vero failures
    Failure of making money to cover the cost of housing Federal prisoners at the County off the Federal government. Vero claimed at the time it was a sure thing!
    Failure of the low income housing loan program. Pretty clear out right fraud took place!
    At times more than doubling County’s total obligation of debt!
    Housing of the mentally ill in County Jail at three to four times the cost of a traditional mental health facility. Does any one want to even discuss the the moral and ethical failure on that one to the warehousing the mentally ill in such a manner? Remember because of this policy at least one of our wounded warriors lost his life at the County jail on this one. Yes a strong argument could be made that Vero has blood on her hands!
    County workers and contractors stealing from the county and when it was known failed to step in quickly with proactive measures.
    Then once again a private Company being funded by tax dollar to keep it afloat into perpetuity with out writing in any oversight measures for the second time around. Yep CH can take the people’s tax dollars but you can’t question them, as tax payers, to how they spend those tax dollars! Vero did this twice! Let’s state this one more time twice!
    Paying for program for the old mainframe computer to the tune of nine million dollars under the guise it would increase productivity at the county but has yet to proven they get nine million dollars worth of increase productivity out of the old antiquated system. Just following the money on this one will piss you off and make your head hurt!
    Feathered her nest, as she claimed before the News cameras how she did not want a pay raise then could of refused it but take it any way! Hypocrite!
    Appointing a CCC member who was clearly working and living with her girl friend in New Mexico but got that appointment by because they used appointed member’s parents local address. Surely ethics isn’t Vero’s best pursuit when it’s politically advantages and beneficial.
    Could go on and on but why waste our time!
    The sad part is Vero will most likely be elected with less than 5 % of eligible voter !


  6. adios says:

    look on the bright side. she can no longer do any damage at the county and she’ll have no influence in Washington so she can’t really do any damage there. the only thing better would be if she left government and town altogether.


  7. mark maes says:

    dont forget the failed childrens hospital. doesnt matter though, parents who have good insurance always go to Providence. but were paying dearly. why subsidize others through higher insurance premiums when the ignorant still take their brood to UMC emergency room at the first cough


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