EPISD–improvement required

The Texas Education Agency has published its preliminary 2017 accountability ratings as of August 15, 2017.

Last year two EPISD schools failed to meet standards.  Both schools improved enough to meet standards this year.

This year the number is four.

Canyon Hills middle school, Guillen middle school, Bassett middle school and Whitaker elementary have been rated “improvement required”.

All schools in the Ysleta and Socorro districts met the state standards.

We deserve better



6 Responses to EPISD–improvement required

  1. Disgusted says:

    Maybe if they “sweeten” Cabrera’s compensation, we’ll get better results. Oh, I forgot that they did that already.


    • Anonymous says:

      Disgusted remember that Fennenbucks explained we have to keep throwing money at this Cabrera Clown since he is one of the best superintendents in the state. We can’t afford to lose him! Yeah right! This worthless piece of garbage has sank EPISD even lower than before, yup back when a criminal was running the place. Worst performing school district in the region=highest paid superintendent. Maybe we should fly him the heck out of El Paso, first class of course.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Anonymous, Don’t be too hard on Cabrera, he is doing exactly what he was hired to do by the Board of Managers. The Education Reform people including our appointed board of Managers and the takeover of a whole district was put into their lap and they took advantage of it. When the Trustee took over they were putty in his and Fenenbock’s hands. If you doubt this just go back and look at all of the material and goods that were bought and were included in the Consent Agenda, part of the board meeting made by the Super and President of the board with nobody else’s help. Public Education in the EPISD is dead or dying and by the time (2021) they are supposed to have accomplished something it will be too late. Just wait till the neighborhood schools start closing and then listen to the public, but it will be too late. I just found out recently that the very first 1.3 million dollars paid to Jacobs Engineering came out of the 2007 Bond fund. So in essence taxpayers paid for their own downfall and did not even realize it.


        • Things that make you go hmmm says:

          “Public Education in the EPISD is dead or dying”– That has been increasingly apparent for quite a few years. Staff and students are leaving in droves. Neighborhood children who live near EPISD schools can be seen wearing uniforms from schools in other districts or charter schools. More and more parents would rather drive their children a ways everyday than send them to EPISD schools.

          Discontent can be felt from the top down in EPISD. Unhappy campus administrators makes for unhappy teachers which makes for unhappy students and parents. EPISD top brass does not see or does not care that they are making unfortunate decisions to its own demise. District administrators are disconnected from what is really happening on campuses. They are doing themselves and all in EPISD a disservice.

          The decisions being made from school day time, grading policies, attendance policies, handling of classroom behavior problems, etc. is confounding. EPISD is a district of “innovation” and encourages STEAM education but is closing the science resource center and reassigning its science leaders who assist teachers in this endeavor. Want to encourage STEAM education? Hire people to help get computers connected to servers rather than spend money to send employees a mini bundt cakes for their birthday. That is how you show employees you care.

          Again, decisions being made at EPISD are confounding.


  2. Anonymous says:

    An UNQUALIFIED Superintendent was hired by an INEPT EPISD School Board. What do we expect? HIS outrageous salary a burden on the TAXPAYERS of El Paso. A HALF-MILLION$$$$ salary, PLUS benefits and MORE pay raises are scheduled. With all his “Official” travels, HE can only fly FIRST CLASS. Where does he go, why does HE need to travel?? His JOB is here. SOME taxpayers gave HIM, EPISD an almost BILLION$$$ slush fund. And yet schools don’t have heat, air conditioning, they have leaking roofs, toilets don’t work, school ground grown up in weeds, ant beds every where, etc,etc. Where do the outrageous TAXES EPISD takes from US go???What happens to all the MILLIONS, BILLIONS in Bond money? A coffee fund, lunches, parties?. Just like the city, county government of El Paso. Just one big Society of Corruption.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Well, they would have spent at least $500,000 on a company that the Super was intent upon hiring until the EPT burst his bubble. The company was supposed to watch over a company that had been paid over a million dollars to watch over the bond issue. They wanted over 2 million over 4 years and would have gotten it the bad information about the deal was not disclosed. It seems according to Dori that 40 million dollars of bond money was set aside for little incidentals such as this.


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