EPISD–bond video

Dan Wever sent in this after viewing a video:

Carmen was talking about the Gafcon RFQ when someone asked her where the money ($500,000) was coming from and she was trying to answer and Dori broke in and explained that when they were deciding on how to spend the bond an amount was set aside for things that come up that may not be expected.  Carmen said yes that is true we have around 40 million dollars for that!  They are talking about bond money.

2 Responses to EPISD–bond video

  1. Chico says:

    Recall, there was still $20+ million left over from the previous bond. Have no doubt … this is a slush fund, not allowing for public transperancy.


  2. Disgusted says:

    Another $40 million of taxpayer money taken for them to play with and give to their friends. Just one more bond scam. Maybe legal, but deceitful. Disgusting. Equally sickening is the choice of Escobar or Fennenbock for Congress. Watch which companies and executives donate to those campaigns, especially those who benefit from county and EPISD contracts.


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