EPISD–bond oversight

Are we better off now that our former EPISD school board president has resigned or would we have been better off if she had stayed to oversee the massive bond issue that the sold us?

We deserve better


14 Responses to EPISD–bond oversight

  1. abandon hope says:

    Ms Fenenboch will own the massive bond and its results. However, even with the election a year away, she will defend herself by saying it will take years to see improvements from the huge infusion of cash. Ms Escobar, on the other hand, has many years of failed policies to defend. I’m not crazy about either, but think Ms Fenenboch is in a stronger position.


  2. Tim says:

    We need another choice in this race.


  3. JerryK says:

    Since all the GOP money is behind Democrat Escobar, is there a GOP candidate?


  4. Anonymous says:

    The best thing that could happen to El Paso is for the STATE to take over the EPISD and to fire Cabrera and let him hit the road to some place where the TAXPAYERS can afford his elaborate salary, benefits. The almost BILLION$$$ slush fund was just another scam that Cabrera, Fennenbock conned “US peons” on. Where are all the other MILLIONS$$$ in Bonds, TAX money THEY have bled US for??? At what point does the EPISD become insolvent, can’t handle financial ACCOUNTING and the FBI investigations start, AGAIN???


  5. old gringo says:

    I see no difference. El Paso taxpayers are stuck with the bill either way.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Remember. It’s for the kids.


    • Worried Mom says:

      It is not for the kids. They are making huge cutbacks on special ed as we speak. That I know of in some cases they are clumping as many as five grade levels into as little as two classrooms. What is next just put all the children with learning disabilities in one big classroom. How about we hide them at the back of the school too, that way no one sees them. They are not using this money to improve education for the kids. If any of it is used outside of central office it will be used for aesthetics. Our kids deserve better. These kids are at risk for not graduating as it is, they deserve a chance at an education that will help them to be an active part of the community.


  7. Dan Wever says:

    Correction, what Abandon all hope means is that with the $300,000 contract to a PR firm out of Fort worth everything about the EPISD will be great and good and the public will be made aware of all the great things that are happening in the EPISd and while all the warm fuzzies are being thrown around, Dori will be there collecting them and taking credit for them. Then the money from all of the “Choice” and “Charter” philanthropy people will start to roll in and we will find out if money can buy a congressional seat like it did a $667,000,000 bond issue in one of the poorest large cities in America. Is it going to be Money talks and the Hispanic vote walks? Stay tuned!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Still find it amazing, even unbelievable that voters in El Taxo would actually vote FOR an almost BILLION$$$ school Bond. By the time WE pay it off will be even more. Maybe the people who voted FOR it didn’t understand all the “Zeroes”? Maybe it didn’t really pass and the “Officials” rigged the vote to show that it did?? That would not be surprising HERE. One of the poorest cities in the country, where majority of the people live pay check to check and they actually vote for this Bond? Stop believing the propaganda, old tired, worn out lie, “It’s for the children”. It isn’t . It’s a SLUSH FUND for the administrators, politicians, bench warmers. When does Cabrera, the School Board fix the air conditioners, bathrooms, toilets, water fountains? When do they clean up the school yards, 6 foot tall weeds, really? Cabrera, this School Board, “Secretaries” bring the era of Lorenzo Garcia to mind. When do the INVESTIGATIONS, indictments start?. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up, lie again.


  9. Yawn says:

    The other candidates make no real effort to get their message out the public. Laurel and Hardy will be our choices. At least El Paso will be known for its comedy.


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