Contractors get railroaded over city streets

This came in from an alert reader:

City of EP council agenda for Monday discusses the street CIP and in the middle of the 38 pages talks about the 135 street, $37M bid to go out the 17th.

Interesting that they notified vendors on the TxDOT, NMDot, Arizona DOT about the bid.

It appears they really don’t want a local firm to get the bid nor will they break it up so several contractors might get a piece of it.

And the CSP Evaluation factors will probably be written such that most local contractors won’t be qualified.

Thank you Sam Rodriguez – the new city engineer.

The bid package is expected to come out the 17th.


You might want to read Neighborhood streets get the axe if you haven’t already.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Contractors get railroaded over city streets

  1. And, once again, I have to ask: why do we even have a Street Department? What do they do? Years of total neglect have left us with some very sorry streets, all over town. Now, the even sorrier elected representatives, whose total attention has been fixed on nothing but downtown for far too long, finally decide to do something (too little/too late, imho), but don’t want any local contractors involved in repairs? If I didn’t know better, I’d guess that the worthless local reps have some kind of direct line to the even worse representatives in Washington, D. C.


  2. Old Gringo says:

    Did I not say last week “to an out of town firm”? I may be a dumb old country boy from the mountains of Montana, but I ain’t stupid!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Rodriguez has probably already been TOLD who will “Win” the Bid. Are the “Winner” will be somebody from OUT of TOWN, that knows somebody, that knows somebody on City Council, the Mayor or City Manager, Commissioners. These Public Officials, POLITICIANS do absolutely nothing to help El Paso businesses. Just like their Mountain Star Sports, scam, deals, con games. Apparently El Paso businesses don’t have the DINERO to pay out all the payoffs, kickbacks, campaign “Donations”. “Mordida”. Inherent public corruption in El Taxo.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    City Council approved the criteria for CSP process in January 2016. It includes points awarded for local preference policy. State law dictates that price is always most heavily weighed of all criteria.

    Click to access 10707810162017091812438.PDF


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