West side swimming pool construction

The new west side swimming pool was supposed to be turned over to the city in November of this year so that it could be open to the public in January of 2018.

This picture was taken Sunday, October 8, 2017:

Looking inside the building you would see that the swimming pool has not been built yet.

Weren’t we told that city council would be looking after these projects?

We deserve better



5 Responses to West side swimming pool construction

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    Ask Mr. Margo to explain how this fits into his song of praise for the city’s progress on “quality of life” projects…not to mention the implications for the construction of the “arena.”


  2. Haiduc says:

    Right on schedule…Mayan calendar.


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    What city can’t get a project finished on time? As a homeowner when I hire a contractor I want it done done correctly and on time and then and only then do I pay for it! Does it take a rocket scientist to complete this project like the Plaza Park

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  4. Old Gringo says:

    Remember the ‘Olympic Sized’ pool from a few years ago & how much that cost?


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