Crazy goal

The Escondido bicycle path meeting evidently revealed a city goal that we bet you were not aware of:

This policy was evidently approved by city council.

We would not be surprised to hear that the progressives down at the city want to eliminate our use of electricity too.

I hereby resolve that city council should sell their cars and ride the bus.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Crazy goal

  1. To read those words is to laugh.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    And that explains why Sun Metro adamantly refuses to schedule any buses at all after 8 pm. … What are you doing out at night anyway?


  3. Old Fart says:

    John D, this policy goes back to when Ortega, O’Rourke and Byrd were all on city council. My concern when it comes to bike lanes, is a number of them get little use after the city goes to the expense to install them. Now it seem pretty ‘chicken shit’ for the bike ‘special interest’ advocates to go before council asking for them, and afterwards not ensure they are being used!

    Blog posters who have problems about where bike lanes are placed, or the way they are actually constructed, really better let their city council members know of their concerns. It really does no good to simply complain on these internet blog sites, unless it is followed up by e-mail or phone calls to council members, the mayor, and city manager.

    You can certainly bet that council members do get requests from the bike proponents, who from what I’ve observed, represent the interests of a small group of people. Please state your concerns to city council members.

    Also, the city has a ‘bike advisory committee,’ ask your council member to let you know when the committee meets, plus what recommendations that committees is making. Do you agree with their recommendation, if not, please say so.

    The city has the ‘equipment’ to measure bike lane usage and had done so once in the past. If city staff is proposing to add bike lanes to a street, request the city first measure the current bike usage of that roadway. Has the city done that for that proposed Escondido route that was discussed in an earlier Brutus blog post?


    • JerryK says:

      I live in the Escondido neighborhood that is mostly retirees, like me. So I don’t see the residents doing much on bikes, but neither do I think it is a bad idea. El Paso has a young population and that is a good thing and these are the folks who ride bikes.

      I’m just afraid one of them will come down the hill at 40 mph and not be able to stop at the intersection of Escondido and Los Robles, hitting a car and getting killed. Or worse, hitting the kids from Rivera. But really, I don’t think we’ll see too many cyclists in any case.


      • Old Fart says:

        JerryK: if you fell this bike lane project would be beneficial to your area, suspect your city rep would like to hear that from you, along with the speed ‘safety concern’ you highlighted above. Suspect your rep will pass those comments onto the city staff.


  4. henry ford says:

    Delusional. West Texans are not going to give up their cars and trucks and hogs. And how do they plan for all the Mexicans to come to El Paso and get around without their cars.


  5. Robb Chavez says:

    Get it straight—the lugs downtown are not “progressives.” They mouth Progressive-sounding rhetoric, but it’s all in the service of corporate or academic types, who are just as elitist as any Republican patrician. The goals of being less car-dependent are admirable, especially in a valley that is choked by auto fumes.

    The thing is, the above goals are aspirational, & haven’t progressed much in five years. Don’t expect the bureaucratic faux-tree huggers to invade your lair to confiscate your gas-guzzling Hummer anytime soon. You’re free to choke on free-floating fumes for the foreseeable godforsaken future. No danger of your car keys being pried from your cold, dead hands.


  6. Judy Maddox says:

    Everyone needs to know that the Wonder Boy Of El Paso Beto has his finger prints all over it.

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