EPISD–proposed change to educational philosophy

The EPISD board of trustees has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

They will be considering changes to existing board policies.

This is from the backup for one of the proposals:

We deserve better


18 Responses to EPISD–proposed change to educational philosophy

  1. ripper1951 says:

    So, Plan 2020 is out. 2021 in. And they simplified their goals so they are achievable.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Students come first…out that goes, it’s so last century.


    • Dan Wever says:

      If the EPISD would take about 5 top administrators and have them fill bags with Fertilizer (BS) they provide with their crazy proposed policy changes and sell them to people with desert landscaping, they could make enough money to run the district for years. The Board of Trustee vote on this Wednesday. It has to be a joke! A joke on the taxpayers and our students who should not be laughing! 😦
      They have board goals but you can’t see how they have done till 2021 when a Gallop pole will be taken of the students to see how well we are doing, let’s hope that any of them that vote for this will be gone in 2021.


      • Anonymous says:

        What a joke! One more sideshow in this crazy circus. It is the laughing stock of the county. Academics are the lowest thanks to Tameeka Brown.it is going to get worse now that micromanager Ferret was promoted to run academics. She will run it into the ground. Glad I quit this place and found a real teaching job in Socorro and enrolled my kids too. My share to declining enrollment. Morale is lowest ever!!!! Fertilizer (BS) is correct.


  3. Old Gringo says:

    “will enroll in higher education”. Does this include remedial Math and English courses at the Community College ?


  4. anonymous says:

    Since when is signing up for the military at the age of 17 or 18 considered to be enrolling in “higher education.”


  5. ripper1951 says:

    Fortunately my crystal ball was repaired and it shows the following in July 2021: The Trustees patting themselves on the back, surrounded by the Superintendent, 40 assistant supers, 90 associate supers, 1200 directors, 1500 executive directors- in their new headquarters which rivals Burj Al-Khalifa in UAE in its opulence. Scene of schools- their efficiencies have resulted in two-classroom, open air schools with three facilitators, and one administrator each. This scene is repeated at each of the 99 schools, whether elementary PK4-8 or high school.The curriculum is whatever comic book the students happen to read, with tests like ” Did you like the comic book, yes or no.” Any answer is accepted and the students are handed diplomas and certificates attesting to their educational abilities. Oops, the crystal ball smoked and shattered. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what surplus monies they discover and award to the central office employees as bonuses. Meanwhile teacher turnover approaches 2000%……..


  6. Benevelous says:

    Dude… Plan 2020 was Sooooo 2 months ago!


  7. Benevelous says:

    Are we starting to see what I have been saying for the last couple years?

    NOTHING matters to these people but the current political narrative.

    They literally do not give damn if the kids know math or history or English at graduation. Just as they do not care for the people working for them.

    They must be “innovators” and “bi-cultural” (totally ignoring and spitting upon all of the other cultures that make up America, by the way).

    The new EPISD mission statement is one big buzzword fest. It has nothing to do with education.

    Glad to hear that Anonymous got herself and her kids out of here and into SISD. Some of us are not so lucky yet… But, when the opportunity arises, I am out of here as well (and taking my young ones with me). Morale IS at an all time low in this district.


    • Dan Wever says:

      These are the 3 GOALS of the EPISD
      I look at them and think how successful the board would have been back in 1969 when we had so many of our young people joining the military for a free trip to see South East Asia.
      I also have to wonder what are the EPISD GOALS in 2018, 2019, and 2020?
      Notice #2 sticks to the feeder pattern because they sure don’t want South El Paso (Barrio) competing or being compared to other EPISD schools. We need to keep the bar low for them!
      And #3 why don’t they publish the results every year of the students own Gallup Poll? These GOALS are what EDUCATION REFORM has brought to the EPISD. (Nothing))

      1.By 2021, 85 percent of EPISD graduates will enroll in higher education. We define higher education as industry certification, military training, or two- and four-year degree programs. TM24 (Training, Military and 2- or 4-Year College.
      2 By 2021, EPISD will decrease the gap in graduation rates by feeder pattern to a difference no greater than 4 percent.
      3.. By 2021, EPISD will increase the number of students that feel engaged and challenged in school as determined by the Gallup Student Poll.
      The GOALS would be a joke in any other district but the EPISD pays people big bucks to come up with gems like this! 😦


      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, big buck salaries for this nonsense but keep hearing from teacher friends if you want promotion break the rules Feret, be dummy yes man Phillips, Basinger or use race card Brown. Morale worse than Garcia days. My wife worked hard to a be principal doing her best and can not get help from these so called leaders. All they care about is titles and $$$$$. Reality tv can not get better than this.


      • Benevelous says:

        It is so sad to see and have to live with what EPISD has become.

        It was once a place one was proud to be a part of. The downward fall began with the Garcia years and has done nothing but down hill ever since.

        To think of it nearly brings me to tears for the purposeful wasting of years of educational opportunity for the children in our charge. EPISD has criminally short changed so many of our students over the last 12 years (as well as criminally abused its work force over that same span of time).

        Something has to change. Something has to be done! But, we all (me included) have labored on, putting our heads down, pretending to be an enthusiastic disciple of the cause, and endured the abuse from our administration without a word.

        Even now, I laugh at my own hypocrisy as I speak out here in complete anonymity while I work away (I’m on a break right actually) ensuring that the evil, spawning from the minds of the villains in charge of this organisation, continues to befoul the lives of everyone living in the EPISD zone of influence.

        It is an hypocrisy born of my own personal weakness and fear. Fear of losing a job (and thus a home)… Too invested in the retirement plan to just quit now (a few years to go yet). Staying down and quiet hoping beyond hope that these people will be ousted (by the voters or the state or just common sense!), and that things might come back to some sort of normalcy and actual function.

        But, these folks seem totally entrenched now. I do not see an end to their reign even on the most distant of horizons. Screaming about things here helps a little, I suppose. A chance to get these things off our chest even if only to anonymous strangers. But, I wonder what good this actually does.

        Considering that common sense points are made and good arguments (and bad) are waged, there seems to be very little impact.

        The only indication I have seen that anyone at EPISD is even seeing this is a lone administrator that sometimes counter attacks (with his pom poms raised intensely) to support the political narrative. Merely to confirm in his every word what we see as the deeper problem behind the buzzword filled evil of this district’s upper administration.

        I am growing more and more despondent over all of this…

        How many people even subscribe to this feed? Can Brutus supply us this this number?


        • Brutus says:

          We could always use more subscribers.

          Thank you for caring.

          I seriously doubt that the board understands the severity of the morale problem.


          • ripper1951 says:

            I don’t think the Board cares about the morale problem. “There are always more novice teachers being produced by UTEP. Hiring the novice allows us to save on salary and benefits of the 5,10,15,20 year etc veterans.” this was heard recently from a Board member at Central Office. The Board is more concerned with appearances and device to make it seem that education is progressing, that they ARE doing something.


          • anonymous says:

            You’re either being diplomatic or too kind in giving the board the benefit of the doubt.


          • Benevelous says:

            Actually Brutus, I think they are acutely aware of the morale problem, It’s just that this is not a “problem” for them. The Board AND the Upper Admin simply do not care about the lower forms (AKA: Employees) serving them. Read, “The Prince” by Machiavelli and you will understand the function of EPISD perfectly.


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