Teacher union membership

Does anyone have the membership numbers for the local chapters of the teacher’s unions?


5 Responses to Teacher union membership

  1. mamboman3 says:

    American Federation of Teachers 562 3738
    El Paso Teachers Ass’n 533-3905


  2. Haiduc says:

    I hear a third roughly are members but that included food service custodians and bus drivers and IAs. Thats about 10k. At 52 a month. Lots of money


  3. Jaime Escuelante says:

    There are many teachers who don’t join because there is no real benefit besides wasting fifty bucks a month and get an email or two a month. I had a teacher friend once tell me that if you just do your job and don’t hurt kids, you’ll never need the union.


    • Coughripoffcough says:

      Many of the teachers that become members are new teachers that are scared into joining by tales of “the teacher that was sued by their student for $1,000,000!” The teaches organizations claim to provide insurance against suits, which are incredibly few and far between but new teachers dont know that. Aside from the 10% discount at Disneyland and a buy one get one free at Whataburger deals there is not much to the local teacher unions. Some teachers join because they feel that they are being picked on somehow, or because they got a bad evaluaton and want to fight it. You should ask how many members are active. That number is far far less than the actual membership. If you watch the EPISD board meetings online, you see the exact same people sitting behind Ross moore each time.


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