EPISD survey

The reader known as The Wizard  sent this in the other day:

I received a link to a survey asking me about technology and EPISD.  I thought you might want to see this…..remarkable indeed.


Dear T-Bird Family,

As the district increases the amount of technology in the classroom, they are asking all students, teachers, and parents to take a survey regarding technology used in the classroom and its impact on education.

Below is the link to this survey. Thank you for your participation.

To take the Speak up Survey, click the link below and follow the steps for your survey:

https://speakup.tomorrow.org/ Default.aspx

Thank you,

Your T-Bird Administration


The link does not work but you can get to it here: https://speakup.tomorrow.org/Default.aspx

5 Responses to EPISD survey

  1. ripper1951 says:

    OK, let’s play. The student surveys ask if the teachers are competent in using the technology to teach, does the student get to use technology a lot, and does it seem if they are grasping the concepts better. The teacher survey is nothing more than an attempt to see when teachers are using the technology, isn;t easier now to teach or do they need more training and more equipment.


  2. Austin Pride Parent says:

    Here is the working link my son’s school sent home. https://speakup.tomorrow.org/ChooseSurvey.aspx

    It is long, but I think it is a very good survey. They have one for parents as well as students and teachers.


  3. Tim Holt says:

    I will gladly answer any questions you or your readers might have about the nationwide SpeakUp Survey. Why we do it, what we get from the information. How we use the info. This is the 4th year that EPISD has participated. Feel free to call me at 230-26 40 or hit up the email below. Happy Holidays.


    • ripper1951 says:

      Tim, it is not a bad survey. In fact it is one of the better I’ve seen. The use of data is obvious (to me). I’m now pleased with the technology availability. Whether others use it, of course, is the question. Mike.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Tim, this is the 4th year this has been used. will you please explain how the EPISD uses the data and please explain how it has increased accountability in the district. Thanks


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