County goes dark

The county used to post agendas and backup material for their commissioners court meetings.

Looking for something on November 27, 2017 this is what their web page produced:

They will let you look at recent purchasing board meetings, but regular meetings of the commissioners court are only available up to October of 2013.  That means that we cannot see what they have done for the last four years.

Current agendas and backup materials are not available.

Is this an accident or is it a deliberate attempt to limit our access to information?  Are they doing this to make it harder to understand what our former county judge did?

We deserve better


5 Responses to County goes dark

  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple. THEY don’t want US to know what THEY are doing to US. Lie, deny, deceive, cover up, lie again. Inherent Public Corruption in El Taxo.


  2. good governance oxymoron says:

    It looks like they separated the archives.

    If you click on the title bar “CLICK TO SEARCH” it takes you to the listing of the regular meeting agendas and minutes for the last 4 years.

    Here is the direct link


    • Brutus says:

      Can you point us to the upcoming agenda?


      • good governance oxymoron says:

        A new agenda for a regular meeting is not posted yet and probably will not be until after the first of the year due to the holidays.

        A “Special meeting” was held yesterday in the County Judge’s conference room and based on the agenda items this should have been held as a Regular Meeting open to the public in the courtroom.

        Many of the agendas for “Special Meetings” should have been Regular Meetings open to the public in the courtroom.

        Escobar’s legacy is an abuse of these “special meetings” to get around public scrutiny. Apparently Vogt is carrying her legacy.

        Contracts were awarded in yesterday’s special meeting.
        Here is the link to that meeting

        Escobar’s other legacy is an exorbitant salary for a part-time elected position with an excessive number of holiday’s.

        Here is the link to the Holiday schedule.


  3. good governance oxymoron says:

    There are no Regular Meetings scheduled yet due to the holidays.
    There was a “Special Meeting” in the county judges conference room yesterday.

    Based on the agenda items, this meeting should have been conducted as a regular meeting in the courtroom open to the public.

    Contracts were awarded.

    Here is the link to yesterdays “special meeting”.


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