EPISD–travel spending

The EPISD November 2017 travel report that was presented to their finance committee contained this”

Not only does it look like the superintendent has slowed down his spending, but it appears that some of the board members are traveling on their own dime.

We deserve better


3 Responses to EPISD–travel spending

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do they need to travel any where? The JOB THEY, Cabrera are SUPPOSED to be doing is HERE. Maybe WE are just paying for everybody’s VACATIONS? Maybe just paying for “Meetings” in places like Las Vegas?.


    • Cog says:

      The Super convinces the board to dike out contracts to “education” peddlers who then turn around and hand him awards for leading an “innovative” district. Just look up Tom Vanderark and then how much of our tax dollars Dori and Juan have handed over to him. Look at the connection between that “consultant” and all the glowing articles he and his associates pen about EPISD. It’s one big self-promo at taxpayer expense to fuel personal egos and fortunes and political ambitions.


  2. walter white says:

    They finally found this blog and now know we know


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