EPISD–indicators of vendor favoritism

Read this article in the Times.

The headline is:

EPISD audit finds ‘indicators of vendor favoritism’ related to bond contract

Will anyone be held accountable?

We deserve better


5 Responses to EPISD–indicators of vendor favoritism

  1. Anonymous says:

    NO accountability at EPISD, UNLESS the FBI gets involved AGAIN. The local D.A. , Law “Enforcement” don’t hear nuthin, don’t see nuthin, don’t know nuthin. This almost BILLION$$$ Bond that SOME voters were scammed on, is nothing but a slush fund for Cabrera and the School Board. So the idea they do “Friends and family” contracts is not surprising. These people do nothing for the people of El Paso. No different than the Mayor, City Council, Commissioners. Tax, waste, spend, tax some more. Just one big “Society of Corruption” in El Taxo.


  2. Dan Wever says:

    I wonder why the EPISD board President would allow this audit item to even be on the agenda. What policy was used to even look at it. Any thinking person can see that this is pure politics from people that favor DF. Byrd has been around the block and knows what can and cannot be done in El Paso politics and would not risk any wrong doing. I am not surprised that the superintendent admits trying to fix a bid worth millions of dollars for a company he favored and certain board members reward him with another $500,000 plus contract extension ,while throwing rocks at the trustee that recognized the Superintendents actions as CAUSE for getting rid of him.


    • Fed Up says:

      Unfortunately Byrd undermined her own efforts to serve as an objective, unbiased EPISD board member when she chose to get so deeply involved in the politics of the congressional race which she knew pitted her against Cabrera and Fennenbock on matters unrelated to EPISD. It’s her right to do so, but her advocacy would have carried more weight if she were not involved in political campaigning that makes it look like she has another agenda and is simply attacking Cabrera and Fennenbock for political purposes. Too many people in El Paso government just aren’t satisfied to do the one job they have been hired or elected to do. They’re always working a side deal or trying to set themselves up for their next deal. That’s the case with Byrd, Fennenbock and Cabrera all three.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Fed Up, You hit the nail on the head when you said that Byrd chose to be pitted against Cabrera and Fenenbock on matters UNRELARED to EPISD. And why not? People do not seem to realize that Trustee have no power unless 3 other trustees agree with them. They cannot even get an item on the agenda unless the President approves. However, the super has the authorization to purchase goods and services up to $50,000 without board approval. And of course the Super and board President work very closely together. As evidenced by Cabrera contacting Haggerty and offering him a campaign contribution if he would support Fenenbock’s run for Congress. If an audit is really necessary I would say let’s look at Dori’s campaign contributions and see how many vendors that do business with the district have contributed to her campaign. Susie Byrd does not have $50,000 favors to spread around!


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