EPISD–fighting the wrong battle

It looks like the political situation over at the EPISD board is getting pretty bad.

Recently two board members requested board action to cause an audit of the activities of a third.

The one they want to audit is aligned with our former county judge who is now running for congress and is against the current superintendent and the former board president (who is also running for congress).

I don’t see how the board has the power to order an audit (investigation) into one of its members.  They can certainly ask to have an audit performed relating to actions performed or not performed by district staff, but auditing an elected board member  is beyond their powers as far as I can tell.

It is unfortunate that many of our elected officials are so completely ignorant of the law.

We deserve better


9 Responses to EPISD–fighting the wrong battle

  1. Susie Loves Dori says:

    School boards are self regulating and can investigate themsleves regarding duties related to their office.


    • Chico says:

      Thanks, Tim.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Sounds good but where does it say that?


    • Dan Wever says:

      The EPISD board of Trustees reached a new level of incompetence last night. Board President Trent Hatch allowed the meeting to be turned into a political carnival while ignoring board rules and regulations.
      Mr. Hatch and Superintendent Cabrera make the Agenda for all board meetings. Trent Hatch should have known that Cabrera would want to retaliate against Trustee Byrd as she had called for his resignation because of the result of an audit that showed he did not act like the Superintendent should. Hatch did not have to add the complaints of 2 other board members as first of all there is no policy that addresses such an action. If the think something illegal has been done they should refer it to proper authorities or board president and he should notify the proper authorities.
      Also, board rules say that speakers that are allowed to speak on an agenda item may not name names and comments shall not be used for personal attacks.
      These rules were not followed by President Hatch. He was also supposed to determine whether the person addressing the Board (Dori Fenenbock) had attempted to solve the matter administratively through resolutions channels established by policy and if not the speaker should have been referred to proper policy.
      Transparency and Trust were absent from this Cabrera-Hatch political carnival and sadly are probably gone until these clowns are replaced.
      Just for the record a legal opinion had already been obtained on no conflict of interest on Byrd’s serving as campaign manager for Veronica Escobar.


  2. dontsendurkidstoepisd says:

    Just wait until KIPP comes to El Paso. Then everyone will wish these audits were carried out regardless of their legality.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      KIPP? What am I missing?


      • dontsendurkidstoepisd says:

        Knowledge is Power Program. Goggle it. Cabrera is thinking of turning over some EPISD schools into KIPP charter schools. Ross Moore ATF has sent out numerous emails about this to teachers. Be afraid of Disruptive Innovation!


  3. DontBeGullible says:

    And word today is the the district wants to raise property taxes again! They are considering another TRE. Go see the announcement from El Paso AFT. No okey for raises but money to go after their rivals on the board and pay for Super Cabrera’s luxury travel! The only audit needed is one by the TEA to look at what has been happening thanks to collusion by Cabrera and Fenenbock.


    • Dan Wever says:

      They will not need another TRE they have their Public Finance Corporation that can pass bonds without voter approval. So when the need 50 or 60 million dollars to build their new office building presto, Done, Large bills of small! 😦


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